• 2020 BMW i3s Edition RoadStyle and i8 Ultimate Sophisto Editions

    The BMW i3s Edition RoadStyle and i8 Ultimate Sophistor go exclusive in black and copper.

  • Jenson Button's McLaren P1 for sale
    McLaren's electric hypercar will focus on lightness

    McLaren will build an electric hypercar in its Ultimate Series, but that is years off due to the state of battery technology.

  • VW ID R Heaven's Gate
    VW ID R charges to "Heaven's Gate" in 7:38.585

    The Volkswagen ID R race car set a new record at China's Tianmen Mountain with a run of 7:38.585.

  • 2011 Audi Urban Spyder Concept
    2011 Audi Urban Concept Goes Spyder

    It turns out Audi has two Urban Concepts to show in Frankfurt.

  • Nissan Carwings App for Android OS
    2011 Nissan Leaf Electric Car Finally Gets Android App

    2011 Nissan Leaf owners are right on the cutting edge of car technology, but so far only Apple iPhone users have been able to enjoy the full experience of controlling the car's climate control and charging timer functions from a mobile device. No longer. Android smartphone users are now privy to...

  • 2012 Ford Focus Electric
    Ford Asks, 'How Should The 2012 Ford Focus Electric Sound?'

    Electric vehicles have upsides and downsides. On the upside, they crank out far fewer pollutants than their fossil-fuel-swilling cousins, and they may help ease dependence on foreign oil. On the downside, they're quiet. Too quiet. While some of you might find that a good thing, EV's lack of sound...

  • Google's Electric Vehicle Fleet Infrastructure

    Google built its reputation as a small, simple search engine, but there's nothing small about the company's investment in electric vehicles. Google has just placed an order for 30 Nissan Leafs and Chevrolet Volts, as well as 250 EV charging stations from Coulomb Technologies. Google will add the Leafs and Volts to its current "Gfleet" of plug-in hybrids, which were bought in 2007. (Since there weren't any commercially available plug-ins at the time, Google purchased Toyota Priuses and had them retrofitted.) The Gfleet functions like Google's private car-sharing service, with vehicles...

  • Volvo C30 Electric
    Volvo C30 Electric Car Leases Start This Summer, In Europe

    Volvo showed us its C30 Electric zero-emissions hatchback at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show back in January, which included a crashed example with the car's expensive battery pack fully intact, but now the automaker has confirmed that customer leases are about to start. Unfortunately, those leases are...

  • A sample of Cambridge crude liquid battery material
    MIT Researchers Working On Liquid-State Batteries That Can Be ‘Refueled’

    One of the biggest hurdles towards the mainstream acceptance of electric cars is the lengthy period of time, usually around six to eight hours, that it takes to top up their batteries. Compare this to filling up a gasoline or diesel powered car, where topping up a tank takes only a matter of...

  • Protoscar Lampo3 electric prototype
    Protoscar Lampo3 Electric Car Packs Three Motors, 560 horsepower

    In 2009 Swiss engineering and design firm Protoscar unveiled its first Lampo electric sports car prototype, and just one year later the firm unveiled the follow up to the original Lampo, the aptly named Lampo2. Now, almost exactly two years after the unveiling of the first Lampo prototype, the guys...

  • Formulec EF01 electric race car
    Formulec EF01 Electric Race Car Does 0-60 In Three Seconds, Starts Racing In 2012

    Meet the Formulec EF01, a truly awesome single-seater electric race car which combines speed and efficiency with sustainability and respect for the environment. Designed and created by South African firm Formulec and its technology partner SEGULA Technologies, the new electric race car is capable...

  • Audi e-tron Neckarsulm Development Center
    Inside Look At Audi R8 e-tron Development Center

    Late last year we first told you about a new development and testing center established by Audi exclusively for its electric drive systems near its headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. Now we have an inside look at another electric car development center belonging to Audi, this time at a satellite...

  • Tesla Roadster 2.5

    Still unsure if the $100,000-plus Tesla Roadster is for you? Well, Tesla is hoping to change all that with its latest promotional effort, the Drive Change Electric Roadster Tour, which will see the company’s iconic Roadster paraded across the country in order to convince buyers that electric performance is the way to go. Tesla is planning to kick off its tour on May 14 in Colorado Springs. Special test drive events will then be offered from Seattle, Washington to Naples, Florida, inviting prospective customers to get behind the wheel of the vehicle that helped start the electric car...

  • 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class spy shots
    Electric Mercedes-Benz S-Class Possible: Report

    Mercedes-Benz already has a number of electric prototypes out and about including the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, which is already available for lease and soon sale, as well as the SLS AMG E-Cell supercar, which has been confirmed for sale in 2013. Not only that but the automaker’s parent...

  • Google and DOE map of alternative fuel locations
    Need To Charge Your Electric Car? There's A Google Map For That

    Despite the best efforts of some in the auto industry to keep electric cars off the roads, they're back. Given the current state of technology, the EV's revenge will likely be slow and steady, but most experts agree that electrics are the future of transportation. There are, however, several...

  • 2011 Audi A3 Sedan e-tron Concept
    Audi A3 Sedan e-tron Concept: 2011 Shanghai Auto Show

    Audi has already given us a preview of its next-generation 2013 A3, as well as a future electrified e-tron variant using the shell of the current model. Now the automaker has combined these two elements, forming the latest A3 Sedan e-tron Concept, which has made its world debut today at the 2011...

  • BMW ActiveE
    BMW ActiveE Leases Start This Fall At $499/Mo. With $2,250 Down

    If you're looking to jump on the latest advanced powertrain bandwagon, it won't be all that expensive: the BMW ActiveE is going on lease this fall for $499 per month on a 24 month contract with $2,250 due at signing. Only 700 will be available, so competition for the cars will be fierce. The...

  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell
    Mercedes-Benz Partners With Bosch For Full Scale Production Of Electric Drivetrains In 2012

    The parent company of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler, has signed a deal with automotive parts supplier Bosch to expand their long-standing partnership and cooperate in the development and production of electric drivetrains that will eventually feature in a number of new production models. The two industry...

  • Frank Weber

    BMW has confirmed it’s poached GM’s former head of product planning, Frank Weber, to fill the role of head of vehicle architecture and integration at the luxury automaker. Weber, a key engineer in the development of the Chevrolet Volt and its Voltec range-extending electric drive system, will now report to BMW’s R&D chief Klaus Draeger and is likely destined to work on further development of BMW’s new ‘i’ range of electric cars. Weber’s expertise on electric car development will be crucial for BMW's new i branded models such as the upcoming i3...

  • 2011 Kia Naimo Concept
    Kia Naimo Electric Car Concept: 2011 Seoul Motor Show

    Making its world premiere at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show today is the all-new Kia Naimo, an electric crossover concept penned by the automaker’s design team in South Korea and characterized by its simple lines and muscular stance. The simple overall design is accentuated by a number of striking...

  • Tesla versus Top Gear
    Breaking: Tesla Sues BBC's Top Gear For Libel And Malicious Falsehood

    Tesla is no stranger to lawsuits, having been on both the receiving end and acting as instigator in several nasty cases in the recent past. The Californian electric car startup is now at it again, this time taking on the formidable forces of the BBC, more specifically the network’s Top Gear...

  • Traffic
    EU Considering Banning Combustion Cars From Cities By 2050

    Can you imagine a future--thirty-nine years from now--where there are no engines humming, no exhaust smells, no car sounds of any kind in the city except the presumably Jetsons-like beeping of EVs? The European Commission, the governing body of the European Union, can, and it has a transportation...

  • Lotus Engineering Range Extender
    There Could Be A Little Lotus In Your Next EV

    As much as Lotus may be straying from the straight and narrow path of simplicity and lightness, the rest of the automotive world may be becoming a little more Lotus-like--or at least a few manufacturers may be. At the Geneva Motor Show this year, Lotus Engineering unveiled the production version of...

  • 2011 Nissan ESFLOW Concept
    2011 Nissan ESFLOW Concept Live Photos: 2011 Geneva Motor Show

    Bringing Nissan into the EV sports car arena in style, the ESFLOW packs cues from the Z, the GT-R, Infiniti's Essence concept, and just a tiny bit of Juke--all while enticing us with the purity of torque you get from an electric motor zipping you around. Good for 148.8 miles on a single charge...

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