Smart will use this week's 2024 Beijing auto show to preview a vehicle bigger than anything previously seen from the brand.

Revealed on Tuesday, the Concept #5 is an electric compact crossover with a boxy design accentuated by rugged details such as flared wheel arches, prominent skid plates, chunky off-road tires, and a roof rack with additional lights.

The interior is much more upmarket than what's traditionally found in Smart cars. The dash is filled by digital screens for the gauge cluster, infotainment system, and front-seat passenger entertainment. Most of the controls are located on the infotainment screen, but occupants can also interact with the vehicle via a voice assistant developed by generative AI specialist Cerence.

The Concept #5 rides on a dedicated EV platform and boasts a battery with a capacity of more than 100 kwh. An 800-volt electrical system means fast charging is possible. Smart claims a 10-80% charge can be completed in just 15 minutes using a DC fast-charger.

The production #5 will debut in the second half of 2024, Smart has confirmed. Don't expect it to reach the U.S. Smart no longer operates here, but overseas it's offering a new generation of electric vehicles that have moved beyond the signature Fortwo body style. The first was the #1 subcompact crossover that debuted in 2022, which was followed last year by a coupe-like version dubbed the #3.

The latest Smarts have been developed by a Chinese joint venture established in 2019 between original Smart parent company Mercedes-Benz and Zhejiang Geely. Mercedes is still responsible for the design of the vehicles, while much of the engineering and all of the production is handled by Geely in China.