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  • 2019 BMW 1-Series hatchback

    An electric version of BMW's 1-Series hatch is expected to replace the i3.

  • 2019 BMW 1-Series hatchback fitted with M Performance Parts
    BMW M won't build a hot 1-Series to challenge Audi RS 3, Mercedes-AMG A45

    BMW M's sole offering in the compact segment will remain the M2.

  • 2019 BMW 1-Series hatchback fitted with M Performance Parts
    2019 BMW 1-Series hatchback already upgraded with M Performance Parts

    BMW on Monday unveiled a new generation of its 1-Series hatchback, and the automaker's go-fast division, BMW M, already has a slew of performance parts ready. The latest 1-Series hatch is the sportiest yet, with its M135i xDrive variant offering up 306 horsepower from a 2.0-liter turbocharged...

  • 2019 BMW 1-Series hatchback
    BMW reveals redesigned 2019 1-Series hatchback

    BMW's 1-Series hatchback has been redesigned. Sadly, the new car drops the rear-wheel-drive layout of its predecessors.

  • 2019 BMW 1-Series hatchback spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien
    2019 BMW 1-Series hatchback spy shots and video

    The current BMW 1-Series hatchback is somewhat of an oddity in the world of compact cars, because it comes with a sporty rear-wheel-drive layout and available inline-6 engines. This is odd because the rear-wheel-drive layout eats into interior space, making an already tight cabin even tighter...

  • 2020 BMW 1-Series facelift spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien
    2020 BMW 1-Series spy shots

    The smallest BMW sedan we get in the United States is the 3-Series, but over in China a compact sedan known as the 1-Series has been on sale since 2016. The car will soon reach the midway point in its life cycle and in BMW tradition will receive a round of updates to keep it looking and feeling...

  • 2019 BMW 1-Series Hatchback spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

    BMW in 2014 finally did away with its rear-wheel-drive focus by launching the 2-Series Active Tourer. The compact minivan rode on a BMW Group platform for front-wheel-drive cars known as UKL, which made its debut a year earlier in the Mini Hardtop. The UKL platform has since gone on to spawn several additional BMW and Mini cars, like the BMW X1 and the whole Mini lineup. The BMW Group is in the process of updating the UKL platform to be lighter and compatible with electric powertrains. The updated version of the platform is known as FAAR and will debut in redesigned versions of the 1-Series...

  • 2017 BMW 1-Series (Chinese spec)
    BMW might bring the front-wheel-drive 1-Series to the US after all

    BMW has expanded its "Ultimate Driving Machine" mantra to include front-wheel-drive vehicles around the globe, but a sedan? Blasphemy. Such a car exists in China—the 2017 BMW 1-Series—and it seems the German brand may have plans to introduce the car in the U.S. as well. A new report...

  • 2017 BMW 1-Series Hatchback
    BMW 1-Series Hatchback gets minor updates ahead of redesigned model’s arrival

    BMW is out testing prototypes for its next-generation 1-Series Hatchback, but before the new car arrives the current model on sale overseas since 2011 will be given one last update. Being so late in the life cycle, the changes implemented are relatively minor. (It’s actually the car’s...

  • 2017 BMW 1-Series (Chinese spec)
    BMW 1-Series sedan debuts at 2016 Guangzhou auto show

    BMW has unveiled the smallest sedan in its lineup, the 1-Series. The compact sedan was first shown in July and on Friday it was formally introduced at the 2016 Guangzhou auto show. BMW has confirmed that the 1-Series will only be sold in China, where it is being assembled by the joint venture...

  • 2017 BMW 1-Series (Chinese spec)
    BMW unveils 1-Series sedan built exclusively for China

    For decades the 3-Series has been BMW’s entry-level sedan but from today on that honor goes to a new notchback dubbed the 1-Series. The arrival of the 1-Series is no surprise as prototypes have been spied for over a year, and BMW even previewed the car in concept form in late 2015 (shown...

  • 2017 BMW 1-Series sedan spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien
    2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Spy Shots

    A prototype for BMW’s upcoming 1-Series sedan has been spotted yet again. Yes, after watching Audi and Mercedes-Benz have all the fun in the luxury compact sedan segment with their respective A3 and CLA, BMW now wants a piece of the action. As the spy shots reveal, BMW’s entry to the...

  • BMW Compact Sedan concept, 2015 Guangzhou Auto Show

    The dust is just starting to settle on the floors of this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show but over in China things are heating up as the country’s Guangzhou Auto Show gets underway. It’s at this event that BMW unveiled the Compact Sedan concept, which previews a new sedan from the German automaker that we've already spied testing in prototype form. The new compact sedan, which is likely to be called a 1-Series, or though we may see the automaker break with tradition and call it a 2-Series, is set for a reveal sometime next year. The basis for the vehicle is the BMW...

  • BMW 1-Series Hatchback prototype with direct water injection
    BMW Shows Off More Vehicles With Power-Boosting Water Injection

    BMW held a presentation at its test center in Miramas, France during the past week where the automaker showed off a number of its upcoming powertrain technologies. The highlight was an i8 technology demonstrator fitted with a hydrogen fuel cell, and alongside it BMW showed a fuel cell-powered...

  • 2015 BMW 1-Series Hatchback
    BMW 1-Series Predictive Gear Shift Reads The Road: Video

    BMW's Predictive Gear Shift is unquestionably trick technology. First appearing on the company's Rolls-Royce Wraith, and later on its BMW 7-Series, the system uses satellite navigation to read the road, automatically downshifting before turns and upshifting upon exit. You know, just like a driver...

  • 2017 BMW 1-Series sedan spy shots - Image via S. Baldauf/SB-Medien
    2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Spy Video

    Last year, BMW broke with tradition by introducing its first-ever model with front-wheel drive, the 2-Series Active Tourer. Next year, the German automaker will do the unthinkable once more, this time by introducing a front-driving sedan. That sedan will be called a 1-Series, and it’s been...

  • BMW April Fools Trade In Prank
    Woman Trades 15-Year Old Wagon For Free BMW In April Fools' Day Prank: Video

    April Fools' Day jokes can run the gamut from sophomoric to sublime. But this year, a BMW dealership in New Zealand decided to reward one lucky 'fool' with a brand-new 1-Series Hatchback. MUST WATCH: Ferrari 599 GTO Crashed By Valet Is A Write-Off: Video News of the profoundly positive prank comes...

  • Cookie Monster Does Donuts
    D Is For Donuts: DTM Champ Takes Cookie Monster For Spin In Updated BMW 1-Series

    Sure, these videos are in German. But figuring out what's happening here is about as easy as eating pretzels and drinking beer. Like anything featuring Cookie Monster, they're both good for a laugh. MUST WATCH: YOU SAVED IT! YOU MOTHER#@#$%R!!: Video The first one has the most action. Because, in a...

  • 2015 BMW 1-Series Hatchback equipped with M Sport package

    BMW’s 1-Series Hatchback has come in for its mid-cycle update and has received new some styling and powertrains in the process. The 1-Series Hatchback isn't sold in the U.S., and we’re not expecting this updated version to arrive either—instead, we’ll get the front-wheel-drive 2-Series Active Tourer and eventually a new 1-Series sedan—but in markets where it is sold the latest version should be available shortly after an official debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March. ALSO SEE: 2016 Audi Q7 Video The front section of the car is all new, with the headlights...

  • 2015 BMW 1-Series Hatchback facelift spy shots
    2015 BMW 1-Series Hatchback Spy Shots (With Interior)

    BMW is planning a subtle facelift for its 1-Series Hatchback sold overseas, as these latest spy shots reveal. The shots include prototypes for both the three- and five-door models, and confirm that the look of the 1-Series is being updated at both ends of the car. An earlier prototype only showed...

  • BMW 135 with M3 V8
    BMW 135i Becomes Truly Glorious With M3 V-8 Engine Swap: Video

    The BMW 135i is a great car. It's a blast to drive thanks to its fantastic handling and responsive turbocharged engine. Still, there are always ways to make a car better. A nice cylinder-count upgrade is one wonderful way to do just that. This is the route a German BMW owner went with their 135i...

  • 2014 BMW 1-Series DTM Sport Edition
    BMW Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Its 1-Series, Launches DTM Edition

    It was back in 2004 that BMW first entered the compact segment with its original 1-Series Hatchback. The vehicle offered some of the best dynamics among its peers thanks to its unique—for the segment—rear-wheel-drive format, and this led to it being a worldwide hit, with more than 1.9...

  • BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, 2014 Geneva Motor Show
    Possible Seven Front-Wheel-Drive BMWs In The Works, Including Z2 Roadster

    It was in the spring of 2010 that BMW first confirmed plans for a new front-wheel-drive car, and now that car has arrived in the form of the 2016 2-Series Active Tourer. However, the 2-Series AT is just the tip of the iceberg as BMW has a handful of additional front-wheel-drive models in the...

  • Dinan S3-R BMW 1M
    Dinan Elevates The Already Heavenly BMW 1M To New Heights: Video

    The 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe is extremely high on the list of cars that every enthusiast should drive at least once. It's a perfect example of exactly what BMW is capable of when it remembers that it used to build cars fitting the tagline; The Ultimate Driving Machine. Under the hood of the 1M...

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