Sure, these videos are in German. But figuring out what's happening here is about as easy as eating pretzels and drinking beer. Like anything featuring Cookie Monster, they're both good for a laugh.


The first one has the most action. Because, in a teachable moment perfectly in line with Sesame Street's ethos, 2014 DTM Champion Marco Wittmann takes the legendary snack addict for a ride in a BMW 1 Series—and demonstrates that sugary pastries aren't the best kind of donuts. Strangely, the blue brute's legendary googly eyes stay fixed amid the spin cycle.

He's probably concentrating on not tossing his cookies.

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We get more traditional manic Cookie Monster behavior in the second clip, where he actually hops behind the wheel, and uses BMW's Concierge Service to track down his favorite food. And in a welcome display of iDrive's vastly improved ease-of-use, the beloved children's character does not starve to death in the process. Enjoy.


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