Remember the baby blue 2015 Ford Mustang GT tuned by Petty's Garage that debuted at last year’s SEMA show? Well, it proved so popular that the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] together with Petty’s Garage is now planning to build a limited run of 143 cars. There will be two types available: a stage one that will be built in a 100-car run and a stage two that will consist of 43 cars, the latter representing the racing number which racked up 200 NASCAR victories.  

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The stage one car is powered by a supercharged version of the 2015 Mustang GT’s 5.0-liter V-8, which rates in at 627 horsepower. A custom front end imparts a unique look, while a reworked rear fascia features a center-exit exhaust and race-inspired spoiler. Inside, custom embroidered head restraints, floor mats and Richard Petty’s own signature on the dashboard set this Mustang GT apart from the rest.

Along with the features found on the stage one car, the stage two version includes a Petty’s Garage Wilwood big brake upgrade and a complete Petty’s Garage custom two-tone paint job. That paint job consists of a blue lower half that features a mix of crushed-and-tumbled glass and the iconic Petty Blue hue. The stage two car also benefits from three-piece forged-aluminum wheels from HRE as well as ‘The King’s’ legendary number 43 expertly ghosted into the paint on the hood and C-pillar.

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The cars are available now, with pricing for the stage one car starting at $62,210 and pricing for the stage two car starting at $92,210. Orders will be filled in a first-come, first-served basis, and one of the stage two cars has already been snapped up. The buyer was none other than  AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson.

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ACDC's Brian Johnson (right) and the Petty's Garage 2015 Ford Mustang GT


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