BAC Mono

  • BAC Mono

    The British single-seater has returned to naturally aspirated power in its latest update.

  • 2021 BAC Mono
    Redesigned BAC Mono arrives with less weight, more power

    The redesigned BAC Mono track car is here to provide thrills and break records, just like its predecessor.

  • 2020 BAC Mono R
    BAC has built a faster Mono with 340 horsepower, graphene-enhanced body

    Just 30 examples of the BAC Mono R will be built, and all build slots have been sold.

  • BAC Mono #100
    Live out your open-wheel dreams in the BAC Mono

    BAC is a startup sports car company from Liverpool, England, which views driving as a sport. The company, started by Ian and Neill Briggs, has offered its Mono single-seat open-wheel sports car since 2012, but the little road and track car only in recent years has started to gain momentum in the...

  • Usher in a BAC Mono at the 2018 Gumball 3000 rally
    Usher starts 2018 Gumball 3000 rally in a BAC Mono

    The 2018 Gumball 3000 rally kicked off in London on Sunday and among the crowd was none other than Usher, whose choice of ride for this year's rally is a BAC Mono. A car like the Mono can be intimidating, especially on public roads where you're driving alongside tall SUVs and trucks. However, it's...

  • 2017 BAC Mono
    CJ Wilson opens first BAC Mono dealership in US

    Forget the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG Project One. If you want the closest experience to a Formula 1 car on the road, then BAC’s Mono is the way to go. BAC announced its official presence in the United States earlier this year, and at the time the company said it was in the...

  • 2017 BAC Mono

    Britain’s BAC, maker of the street-legal, single-seat Mono track car, now has an official presence in the United States. The Mono has been on sale in the U.S. since its 2011 launch, though until now the cars were sold through Sector 111 and other importers. Sector 111 is also the importer of one of the Mono’s main rivals, the Ariel Atom. A new BAC USA division has been established in Sonoma, California and headed up by Mark Rayner. BAC USA will handle partial assembly of the cars as well as sales and maintenance services for customers in the U.S. No pricing details have been...

  • 2016 BAC Mono fitted with rear wheel arches made from graphene
    BAC Mono gets ultra-strong, ultra-light graphene panels

    BAC has unveiled a version of its street-legal Mono track car fitted with body panels made from graphene. The advanced material is similar to carbon fiber but consists of sheets just one atom thick. Its strength is derived from the arrangement of the carbon atoms which form rigid, honeycomb-like...

  • BAC carbon fiber wheel set
    BAC shows off new carbon fiber wheels

    The Goodwood Festival of Speed may be more of a homage of the past than a glimpse into the future, but the latter is just what Briggs Automotive Company is offering with the new carbon composite wheel set it is introducing at this annual British automotive celebration. The wheels were specifically...

  • BAC Mono with wider chassis
    BAC Mono Gets More Spacious Cockpit

    We recently learned that British track car specialist BAC was considering adding a second model to its lineup, which at present only comprises the Mono. While the second model was said to be some years away still, in the interim BAC will introduce a wider a version of the Mono offering more space...

  • 2016 BAC Mono
    Mono Maker BAC Mulls Second Car

    Briggs Automotive Company, known to most simply as BAC, is the British firm responsible for the awesome Mono track car. The Mono is a single-seater, formula-esque track car that for 2016 was upgraded to deliver as much as 305 horsepower. Now BAC is considering expanding production and launching a...

  • 2016 BAC Mono
    2016 BAC Mono Benefits From Bigger, More Powerful Engine: Video

    The BAC Mono is a properly mental machine that's crafted by the good folks at Briggs Automotive Company in Liverpool, England. It's a single-seat track weapon designed to maximize speed, performance, and thrills for the driver. For 2016, the Mono has been updated and BAC trotted out the revised car...

  • Jay Leno drives the BAC Mono

    If you’re a fan of formula cars, or just want a minimalist, utterly pure driving experience, then you might want to check out the BAC Mono. DON'T MISS: Watch A BAC Mono Chase A McLaren P1 At Silverstone: Video There are no DVD players or Burmester audio systems here. It’s a pure, simple, functional performance car. Join Jay Leno and chief of Sector 111, Shinoo Mapleton, for a detailed walk around of the Mono, including its inboard pushrod suspension, its carbon chassis, and its single-minded focus on speed. MUST WATCH: Here's A ‘Furious 7’ Extended Look Video...

  • BAC Mono chases McLaren P1 at Silverstone
    Watch A BAC Mono Chase A McLaren P1 At Silverstone: David & Goliath

    If there’s a more unlikely pairing of serious road-going performance cars on YouTube this week, we don’t know what it is. Here, you see a single-seat, stripped-down, relatively affordable BAC Mono on an open track day as it chases and tries to hang with a McLaren P1 hypercar at...

  • BAC Mono at Spa
    Sabine Schmitz And Ron Simons Take On Spa In The BAC Mono: Video

    There's no doubt that Sabine Schmitz is Queen of the 'Ring. She runs her Ring Taxi Porsche 997 around that stretch of German tarmac in around 7 minutes and 30 seconds with a passenger onboard. The girl can flat out drive the wheels of pretty much anything. Recently, she was challenged by another...

  • GRID2: Mono Edition
    GRID2: Mono Edition Claims World's Most Expensive Title, Comes With BAC Mono

    Offering the most expensive is typically not something a video game company would typically brag about. In this case, we understand the exception. Buyers of the GRID2: Mono Edition package will get not just a copy of the game for the PlayStation 3. They'll also get a BAC Mono sports car. For just...

  • BAC Mono lightweight roadster
    Chris Harris Flings The BAC Mono Around A Very Wet Track: Video

    Fans of road-legal track stars like the Ariel Atom, KTM X-Bow and Lotus 2-Eleven now have another option to choose from, the BAC Mono. And unlike some of its rivals, the Mono is available to order in the U.S. With only 12 examples coming this way, however, local test drives of the car are almost...

  • BAC Mono lightweight roadster
    Sector 111 Named As U.S. Distributor For BAC Mono

    Sector 111 has been appointed the U.S. distributor for the BAC Mono track day terror.

  • BAC Mono lightweight roadster

    We first saw the computer-generated teaser shots of the BAC Mono a week ago but already brothers Neill and Ian Briggs from Cheshire, in the UK, have revealed the production version of their new BAC Mono lightweight roadster. Built in the same vein as cars like the KTM X-Bow, Lotus 2-11, and Ariel Atom, it's a variation on the theme of lightweight, moderately powerful track cars offering stellar performance for a fraction of the cost of the typical supercar. Unlike its forebears, and more like the very expensive (and somewhat quicker) Caparo T1, the Mono draws its inspiration from the world of...

  • Briggs Automotive Company Mono
    BAC Mono Tops Our 2012 Holiday Wish List

    Yes, it's still another nine months until the season of giving (and receiving!), and another year on top of that until the Mono might come our way, but consider the BAC Mono at the top of our lists as of today. Offered by Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) the Mono is a single-seater, 280-horsepower...

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