The Goodwood Festival of Speed may be more of a homage of the past than a glimpse into the future, but the latter is just what Briggs Automotive Company is offering with the new carbon composite wheel set it is introducing at this annual British automotive celebration.

The wheels were specifically designed for the company's Mono, a track day car in the vein of the KTM X-Bow. For the Mono, the wheels are 17-inches in diameter. The curved corners aren't just for aesthetics; BAC says that they add strength. Additionally, the wheels' spokes are made from aluminum to add additional rigidity.

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BAC specified titanium bolts, rather than steel, a move that saves about three-quarters of a pound per wheel. Overall, the wheels check in at about 12.56 pounds for the 7.5-inch wide front wheels and 13.23 pounds for the 9-inch wide versions out back. 

The wheels will be offered as an optional upgrade for the Mono and they will be priced at £9,950, or about $14,670. Current BAC Mono owners can upgrade their cars for a more hefty £12,500, or about $18,440 at current exchange rates. 

For performance enthusiasts, the most important figure is the 23 percent reduction in unsprung weight per axle. That's a hefty figure that should yield improved handling where it matters most: on the racetrack. 


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