The compact, rear-wheel drive show car we got so excited about at the Nissan stand a few years ago is back, but it isn't headed to dealers. 

Instead, as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson pointed out in a post on his Instagram channel, the IDx NISMO show car  will apparently play a role in the upcoming eighth installment of the Fast & The Furious film series

The IDx appears not to have changed since it first hit the scene back at 2013's Tokyo Motor Show. The car's show-going graphics and wild wheels are intact. We're not sure what has happened to the more sedate IDx Freeflow concept car, however.

Both concepts were envisioned as a modern day version of the brand's famous Datsun 510, but the Japanese automaker pulled the plug not long after first showing them. If anything, the next Nissan Z might be inspired by the IDx, but we're not exactly confident.

The Rock's Instagram video also shows off a few cars that will make an appearance in the movie, including the expected Toyota Supra and a host of exotics like the Lamborghini Gallardo, a Dodge Viper, a Maserati, and more. What's perhaps most interesting is how few have been modified.

What do you spot in the video? Sound off in the comments below. As for the new movie, it's title is confirmed as Fast 8. It will hit theaters April 14, 2017.