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Andrew Ganz is a valuable contributing editor for Internet Brands. His professional journey includes diverse roles that have enriched his automotive expertise. As the Executive Editor of Telemetry, he honed his skills in the field for a commendable period of one year and seven months. Prior to that, he made significant contributions as a Senior Editor at High Gear Media for four years, where his expertise and insights were highly regarded. He continues as a contributing editor. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Ganz embarked on his educational journey at Indiana University at Bloomington, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from The Media School. This solid foundation in journalism laid the groundwork for his future endeavors in the automotive industry. During his career, Ganz also ventured into the realm of public relations, serving as the Press Fleet and Motorsports PR Account Manager at Subaru of America/Automotive Events for nearly two years. This experience provided him with valuable insights into the industry from a different perspective, complementing his journalistic prowess. Ganz's editorial contributions extend beyond online platforms, as he has also worked as an editor for a luxury-lifestyle print publication and various websites. This breadth of experience has shaped his ability to cater to the needs and interests of in-market consumers, specializing in writing that resonates with them. When he's not immersing himself in the world of automotive journalism, Ganz indulges in his passion for car shopping. Whether perusing Craigslist or making actual purchases, he understands the intricacies of the consumer mindset and leverages this knowledge to provide valuable insights to his readers. Beyond his professional pursuits, Ganz finds solace in exploring the captivating back roads of the Rocky Mountains. This spirit of adventure fuels his connection to the automotive world and enriches his writing with firsthand experiences.


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