Briggs Automotive Company, known to most simply as BAC, is the British firm responsible for the awesome Mono track car. The Mono is a single-seater, formula-esque track car that for 2016 was upgraded to deliver as much as 305 horsepower. Now BAC is considering expanding production and launching a second model.

Speaking with Autocar, BAC development boss Neil Briggs said the company will bump up production of the Mono from a current rate of two or three cars per week to four per week by the end of the year. BAC is still a small company, employing just 24 staff, but strong demand for the Mono, especially in the U.S., has stretched out waiting lists to almost a year.

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With more Monos being churned out, Briggs is hopeful BAC will be able to employ more staff and add a second model. Briggs said the second model is still several years away. He said the formula will be the same but things like the size of the car, whether it has a closed cockpit and whether it has more than one seat still needs to be determined. Interestingly, he hinted that there could be a three-seat option with a driver sitting in the middle—à la the McLaren F1.

“Nothing’s decided,” Briggs told Autocar, “but I don’t believe we’d do a two-seater. That’s other people’s territory.”


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