If there’s a more unlikely pairing of serious road-going performance cars on YouTube this week, we don’t know what it is. Here, you see a single-seat, stripped-down, relatively affordable BAC Mono on an open track day as it chases and tries to hang with a McLaren P1 hypercar at Silverstone.

Can the tiny, light-makes-right single-seater Mono really hang with the car that proclaimed its world’s best status right there in its name?

It turns out that yes, it kind of can. For one thing, the driver of the Mono appears to be quite skilled—and, in many corners, very committed; that's just what you’d expect of Oliver Webb, an LMP2 prototype racer and official test driver for BAC. The P1’s driver, on the other hand, leaves a fair bit to be desired with his line, though that may owe to traffic as much as anything else—the wheelman is Briton Paul Bailey.

So what does “kind of hang with” equate to? It means the Mono’s lightness and handling see it catch the P1 readily in most corners, only to sit in desperation as the P1 seemingly launches toward the horizon on each straight.

It’s a classic game of on-track cat and mouse.


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