• Manchester man who attempted a Grand Theft Auto-style triple murder convicted

    [WARNING: The video above contains graphic scenes of the vehicular attack on pedestrians. Watch at your own risk.] Video games get a lot of grief for promoting violence, and criminals often use them as excuses. Whether you believe video games are the cause or not, you have to admit there are times when life imitates are. This is one of those times--except the perp doesn't get to go on with his day like nothing happened. In fact, Aqab Hussain, a 21-year-old living in Manchester, England, was just convicted of four counts of attempted murder for his Grand Theft Auto-style revenge attack...

  • Reckless driver bashes taxi out of the way
    Driver Bashes Way Past Taxi In Front Of Drunken Mob: Video

    There are times in life when we've all wanted to just stand on the throttle and smash our way through traffic, but few of us have been stupid or desperate enough to actually do it. This driver was apparently both. The YouTube posting describes the driver as a drunk woman, but gives no other...

  • BMW M6 owner destroys car at the Frankfurt auto show
    Angry BMW M6 Owner Smashes Car With Axe At Frankfurt Auto Show: Video

    There are many reasons to beat an M6 to death with a bat...wait, no, there really aren't. Unless you're this guy outside the Frankfurt auto show. ALSO SEE: Wife Demolishes Cheating Husband’s Audi R8: Not So Fast, Definitely Furious Apparently dissatisfied with his M6's reliability and BMW's...

  • Nissan Patrol with custom backseat driving modification by King of Customs in Dubai
    Center-Steer, Back-Seat Driving Nissan Patrol: Crazy Insane, Or Insane Crazy?

    There's nothing about this Nissan Patrol that makes sense. We love it while hating it. What's so different? There are no driver controls in the front row. They've been relocated to the center-mounted second row. Why? We're not sure the guys (at King of Customs in Dubai) who built it know. They...

  • Woman leads police on 128 mph chase while drunk, topless
    Topless Cleveland Woman Arrested After 128-mph Chase: Video

    Update: We now have video of the incident, including police dash cam footage of the arrest, courtesy of CNN. The new footage also includes new details: not only was the driver nearly naked, she was drunk. Good times. -------------- We are no more sure about what was going on in Erin Holdsworth's...

  • Custom Cayman S with Techart wide-body kit and paint job.
    What NOT To Do To Your Porsche Cayman S--New Photo, Owner Update

    Update: We've been in contact with the owner of the car, who sent us this (much better) photograph and explained some of the background of the car. It turns out it was owned and created by Porsche or an affiliated race shop until the new owner acquired it, with the paint and Techart body kit...

  • 'Drive' trailer

    If the new Ryan Gosling movie Drive wasn't Fast and Furious enough for you, you're not alone--and you may be able to join in a class action lawsuit about it. At least that's the hope of Sarah Deming, who filed suit over the film in Michigan. Deming's suit alleges the trailer was misleading, containing very little driving or chase action, and seeking to collect some sort of damages, reports WDIV TV. Deming also alleges the film promotes violence against Jewish people. The suit against the movie's distributor, FilmDistrict, and the Emagine theater where she saw it was filed on September 28th in...

  • First Tata Nano rolls out of new Sanand factory on June 2, 2010, with founder Ratan Tata at left
    Jeweler Creates A $4.7 Million... Tata Nano: Video

    An Indian corporation that owns a chain of jewelery stores has created the world's most expensive Tata Nano, by covering the diminutive commuter car in over 200 pounds of gold, silver and jewels.

  • 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia
    Dual Clutch Gearbox Can't Save Ferrari 458 Owner From Himself: Video

    Dual-clutch gearboxes are the latest word in high-tech transmissions, but even though they're not as demanding on the driver as a manual transmission, this Ferrari 458 Italia owner proves they still require at least a modicum of skill.

  • Pim closes his eyes and braces for impact.
    Netherlands' Worst Driver Reality TV Show Crash Injures Host: Video

    The host of a Dutch TV show is injured as one of the contestants for the title of the Netherland's Worst Driver proves he has what it takes to win.

  • Ford engineer in pregnancy suit. Image via la Tribune Auto via Caradisiac.
    Caption This: Ford Engineer Wears Pregnancy Suit To Test Cars

    Maternity leave is a wonderful thing, but apparently it has forced Ford to take special measures to test cars for safety and comfort when taking pregnant women into account. That, too, is a noble and worthwhile effort. This photo of a Ford engineer in a pregnancy suit, however, begs for a headline...

  • Corvette parking fail
    Parking Fail: 45-Degree Parking Is The New Horizontal For Chevrolet Corvette Driver

    Are you still parking level, tucked between your fellow lab rats? Get with the program! Forty-five degrees is the new horizontal. Or at least we think that's the lesson this Corvette driver is trying to teach us. It's just not cool to park on flat surfaces when there's a guardrail handy to let you...

  • Karma strikes portly pickup dancer

    John Lennon might not have envisioned this scenario when he wrote Instant Karma! but the rule still applies: this guy subjected the public to a show no one should have to watch while stuck in traffic, and quickly paid the karmic price. Karma didn't knock him right in the head, but it did knock him right out of the bed. If you're sensitive to bad music, wildly gyrating men of stature, or humor, you may want to skip this. Otherwise, proceed to a hearty Thursday laugh. No chameleons were harmed during the filming of this incident. [Via 0-60 Mag]

  • Donkeys tow broken-down Range Rover back to dealership in China. Image via The Tycho.
    Range Rover Returned To Dealer With Donkey Power

    Oh, those clever, dissatisfied Chinese luxury car owners and their displays. First it was beating a Gallardo to death with sledgehammers. Now it's towing a broken-down Range Rover back to the dealership with donkeys. What's next? Blowing up a Bentley on a giant pile of firecrackers? The man behind...

  • Cadillac CTS Convertible for sale on eBay
    Sawzalls Gone Wild: 2003 Cadillac CTS Sedan Convertible

    The profile. Those B-pillars! Your eyes may never recover. This 2003 Cadillac CTS Sedan certainly won't. But some unlucky soul may just end up owning the sawzall-bred monstrosity you see above, as it's up for sale on eBay Motors. According to the seller, pamanajack (no apparent relation to the...

  • SF Bay Area Wussies, or, Ultra-Urban Mobility In Action. Photo by Matt H.
    Reader Pic: When Your Segway Isn't Enough, Get Smart

    This driver's urban ultra-mobility cocktail is made of one part Smart car and one part all-terrain Segway. It also has a dash of crazy, for flavor. We're not exactly sure what's going on here, except that we kind of like it and kind of hate it all at once. Perhaps that has something to do with the...

  • 2011 Subaru WRX STI custom convertible
    Subaru WRX STI Convertible? The Wrongness Is Incredible

    A Subaru owner has seen fit to dispense with the roof of his bewinged 2011 WRX STI sedan and replace it with a custom convertible top. We ask only this: WHY?! We, along with just about everyone but the owner/creator and Manchester Subaru, the dealership offering the car for sale, just don't get it...

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo display in Belgium
    Surprise: Alfa Romeo MiTo Fits In A Shopping Cart

    This wild display from Alfa Romeo's Belgian arm shows how affordable the MiTo can be.

  • Gear Shift

    We're just a couple of days away from rear-ending 2010, so like all major media outlets, we thought we'd take a break from real reporting (don't worry: nothing's happening) and look back at some of 2009's notable moments. It was an...interesting year for the auto industry to say the least, and we've seen a lot of changes, both in the U.S. and abroad. Some of the losses have been painful, but in the end, we're hopeful that they'll spur growth and development down the line. And if not, we'll have enjoyed kicking them around in our spare time. By the way: we'd planned on making an Oscar-style...

  • Fiat's 'Cool Bikini' flash mob promotion for the 500C
    Today In Flash Mobs: Girls, Bikinis, And The Fiat 500

    Flash mobs have been around for decades (back in the day, they were called outlaw parties), but they've only recently been co-opted for marketing campaigns. Today's example: the surprise arrival of a dozen bikini-clad dancers and a DIY samba band on a chilly square in Amsterdam to shill the Fiat...

  • Mazda + condom ad from Israel
    Today In WTF Ads: Mazda REALLY Wants Israelis To Use Condoms

    Cross-promotion is a common advertising tool. Just consider how often you've seen movies and fast-food joints team up on kids' meal toys, and you'll begin to get the picture. But although this Israeli ad by Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv for the Mazda MX-5 might seem to be the product of a...

  • BMW X5 Parking Fail
    WTF Video: BMW X5 Parking Fail

    The owner of a BMW X5 drives onto the top of two cars while attempting to park, then flees the scene.

  • Jamie Kennedy
    WTF: Jamie Kennedy Drives A Bentley Continental GTC?

    Dear Jamie Kennedy: Thank you for proving what we already knew: that life isn't fair. If life were fair, you probably wouldn't be driving a Bentley Continental GTC around Los Angeles. (Or anywhere, for that matter.) If life were fair, you probably wouldn't be working as a comedian/actor -- even as...

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