Update: We now have video of the incident, including police dash cam footage of the arrest, courtesy of CNN. The new footage also includes new details: not only was the driver nearly naked, she was drunk. Good times.


We are no more sure about what was going on in Erin Holdsworth's mind last night than the police are, but we think she may be on [to] something. Except for the whole getting arrested part. You see, she was arrested after being chased by police at speeds up to 128 mph--while wearing nothing but g-string panties, fishnet stockings, and high heels.

Was she running from a rendezvous gone wrong? Running late to work as a "dancer"? Perhaps she was just having fun. Whatever the reason, Holdsworth, 28, is now in police custody, and presumably somewhat more clothing.

The reason for the chase was speeding in the first place--she flew by a cop and refused to stop. The cops gave chase and things ramped up to 128 mph at one point, according to CBS Local. The lightly clothed runner was eventually brought to a halt by a set of stop sticks which deflated both driver's side tires.

Once stopped, police say Holdsworth was compliant, but at the station began hitting her head against the wall, and refused a blood test for alcohol.