Police chase

  • Chevrolet Tahoe PPV simulated car chase

    Every wonder what it's like to be in a car chase? I got the simulated chance at the Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex in Fort Worth, Texas. With officer Joe Stinger at the wheel of a Chevrolet Tahoe PPV, we chased a Ford Crown Victoria "rabbit" on a closed course. I sat in the front passenger seat (certainly better than the back seat of a cop car) and did the professional job of shooting the video shown above. ALSO SEE: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Trail Boss takes bowtie brand to new heights During the ride, I learned a thing or two about the strategy the police use during these chases. It's...

  • StarChase
    StarChase system could help police end high-speed chases quickly

    What's the best kind of high-speed chase? The one that doesn't happen, or at least the one that is over quickly. A pursuit aid called StarChase may help the police end pursuits quickly. StarChase LLC has released the third generation of its Star Chase GPS Launcher system, and it can fool "perps"...

  • Capitol police car crashes hard during chase
    Capitol Police Car Crashes Hard During Miriam Carey Chase In DC: Video

    A police car struck a security barrier during the chase that ended in a tragic shooting near the Capitol.

  • Schnitzel
    Shifting Schnitzel: The Latest Road Hazard

    This may seem obvious, but apparently it isn’t: when you shoplift a package of schnitzel by stuffing it down the front of your pants, then rob the same grocery store you’ve pilfered from, be sure to remove the smuggled schnitzel before jumping into your getaway car. This is particularly...

  • Wreckage of car that exploded in eastern San Diego County
    Car Explodes Near San Diego After Border Patrol Chase: Video

    A car has exploded and its driver instantly killed on a stretch of road near the border between the U.S. and Mexico early on Thursday. Before it exploded, Border Patrol agents first noticed the vehicle, which was wearing Texas number plates, driving down a border highway in the wrong direction...

  • 2009 lamborghini gallardo lp 560 motorauthority 001
    British Columbia Sells Street Racer's Seized Lamborghini

    British Columbia's Civil Forfeiture Office has sold a Lamborghini Gallardo seized after an alleged street race last August.

  • Woman leads police on 128 mph chase while drunk, topless

    Update: We now have video of the incident, including police dash cam footage of the arrest, courtesy of CNN. The new footage also includes new details: not only was the driver nearly naked, she was drunk. Good times. -------------- We are no more sure about what was going on in Erin Holdsworth's mind last night than the police are, but we think she may be on [to] something. Except for the whole getting arrested part. You see, she was arrested after being chased by police at speeds up to 128 mph--while wearing nothing but g-string panties, fishnet stockings, and high heels. Was she running...

  • English police constable Dan Pascoe is hit by a fleeing criminal, but doesn't let that stop him.
    Cop Run Over By Criminal, Gets Up And Chases, Arrests Him: Video

    This English cop must have eaten his Weetabix one fateful morning: while attempting to setup a road block to stop a fleeing criminal, the officer is sent flying when the crook's car rams the police vehicle. That's not the end of the story for this British cop, however. Surrey, England police...

  • Rogue driver drifting around a police Dodge Charger
    Driver ‘Arrested’ For Drifting Around Police Car: Video

    Before the angry comments start coming in, let us be the first to state that this is not real and is in fact just a mock scenario involving a rogue driver in a parking lot drifting around a police car. The video is a promotional piece for the Joe Usry Auto Group located in Jackson, Mississippi, a...

  • OJ police chase
    This Week's Challenge: Stop Cars In Their Tracks, Win $25,000

    Last week, we told you about the Connected Vehicle Challenge, a contest sponsored by the Department of Transportation that aims to find creative, useful applications of short range communications technology. The DOT isn't ponying up any money for the six finalists of that challenge, but they're...

  • Ohio police pull over diabetic John Harmon
    Video: Ohio Police Taser And Dislocate Elbow Of Diabetic Man

    It’s hard to imagine that cases of extreme police brutality are still being reported, but one motorist in Ohio found out the hard way. John Harmon, a 52-year old diabetes sufferer, was on his way home from work when a low blood-sugar level caused him to veer out of traffic suddenly. This...

  • Woman attempts to ram cop car using a Camaro
    Video: Woman Rams Cop Car With Camaro, Results In Burnout

    The driver of this Chevrolet Camaro is probably not one of the smartest people out on the roads, as evidenced by her futile attempts to evade a pursuing police car by reversing into it. All she manages to achieve is creating a lot of smoke from the burnt rubber of her tires. Also keep an eye out...

  • Teen driving stolen dump truck

    Looking more like something out of the Grand Theft Auto series of videogames rather than real life, a 17-year old Ohio driver took police on a wild chase, smashing through local highways in a stolen dump truck. The teen managed to continue his rampage for a total of 52 miles, carrying two younger occupants with him for most of the chase. In the end four police cruises were smashed and countless civilian vehicles were damaged but thankfully no one was seriously injured. The chase finally came to an end when the teen drove the truck into a guardrail, either because he ran out of fuel or the...

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