There are three sides to every story: yours, ours and what really happened. That’s certainly clear to a group of exotic car fans in British Columbia, Canada, whose 13 expensive cars were impounded by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The group of young drivers, all below the age of 21 (and many with provisional licenses), allege they were simply traveling en masse from Richmond to White Rock to attend a farewell dinner for a college-bound friend.

Motorists who encountered the group saw it differently, and phoned in multiple reports to police about speeding, racing and reckless driving. When police ultimately stopped the convoy for excessive speed, all 13 vehicles were impounded.

Now comes word from the National Post that one of three Lamborghini Gallardos seized in the August stop has been sold at auction. Authorities didn’t disclose the selling price, but stated that the Lamborghini was sold with the consent of its former owner.

While all 13 vehicles involved in the incident were impounded, only five were ultimately seized for a criminal activity, in this case “excessive speeding.” Three of the five seized vehicles remain the subject of pending court cases, while one was returned to its owner after legal action was dropped in light of new evidence.

The Lamborghini isn’t the first exotic seized and sold by British Columbia’s Civil Forfeiture Office. In 2010, a Ferrari was snagged for street racing and later sold at auction for an undisclosed sum. The Civil Forfeiture Office doesn’t release selling prices, as doing so could affect ongoing and future forfeiture negotiations.

As for the 13 drivers involved in the August incident, the Vancouver Sun quotes a local freelance cameraman, Gary Hanney, as saying “not too many of them were in low spirits.”  We’d certainly be despondent, but then again none of us were wealthy enough to drive any of the exotics impounded by police as our first cars.