Update: We've been in contact with the owner of the car, who sent us this (much better) photograph and explained some of the background of the car. It turns out it was owned and created by Porsche or an affiliated race shop until the new owner acquired it, with the paint and Techart body kit already in place. He likes it because it's unique and well-executed, and we can't disagree there--the work is quality, whatever you think of the aesthetics. The owner is a serial sports/supercar buyer, and this is merely the latest in a line of fast, modified cars he's owned.

So now we put the question to you: were we too harsh on this one? Is there an appeal to the car that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Original article below:

If you own a Porsche Cayman S, you are probably very proud of it, and justifiably so. You might even have the urge to personalize it a bit to make it more "yours." That's all well and good. But please, for the love of all that's fast and beautiful, do NOT do this to it. Ever.

Seriously. Never, ever do this, or anything like it. We don't care if your gang requires it, if you got the paint job for free from your buddy, or if it expresses your true inner self. This kind of stuff belongs on a conversion van, not a Cayman. And even then, it should be done ironically. Otherwise you'll be mocked relentlessly by the likes of XHead, the RoadRaceAutoX forum member who found it.

The air brushing on this car is claimed to have cost over $15,000. We imagine it has also diminished the value of the car by at least that much.

If you'd like to rescue this poor 2007 Cayman S (with bonus Techart body kit) from its owner, you'll be glad to know it's available on Craigslist in the Washington, DC area.

That is all.