The profile. Those B-pillars! Your eyes may never recover. This 2003 Cadillac CTS Sedan certainly won't. But some unlucky soul may just end up owning the sawzall-bred monstrosity you see above, as it's up for sale on eBay Motors.

According to the seller, pamanajack (no apparent relation to the similarly-spelled brand of cheap sunglasses) this is a "Custom Cadillac Convertable [sic], easy in, easy out with 4 doors, conversion cost 25,000 you will probaly [sic] never see another one like this on the road, all the goodys [sic], 39250 miles, make your heart go pitter, patter, ideal for older convertable [sic] lovers as we are."

That's just how this ruthlessly victimized CTS makes us feel--[sick]. You can buy it right now for $19,500 or make a bid over the next five days or so. Barf bags not included.