If the new Ryan Gosling movie Drive wasn't Fast and Furious enough for you, you're not alone--and you may be able to join in a class action lawsuit about it. At least that's the hope of Sarah Deming, who filed suit over the film in Michigan.

Deming's suit alleges the trailer was misleading, containing very little driving or chase action, and seeking to collect some sort of damages, reports WDIV TV. Deming also alleges the film promotes violence against Jewish people.

The suit against the movie's distributor, FilmDistrict, and the Emagine theater where she saw it was filed on September 28th in the Sixth District of Michigan by attorney Martin H. Leaf. Deming hasn't commented on her lawsuit as yet, but seeks a refund on the price of her movie ticket and a halt to the production of "misleading movie trailers" for future films.

While we're no fans of promoting religious violence (or of bad movies and their trailers), perhaps it's time to take a step back and remember: this is just a movie, folks. If you don't like it, give it a negative review on your favorite site and move on.