Hard times make for good ads, it seems, as automakers try to lure us in to buy their wares. The latest foray from Alfa Romeo's Belgian branch is a particularly good example, stuffing a MiTo into a shopping cart. Well, sort of.

You might think the stunning good looks and enticing performance of the MiTo needs no such theatrics, but that's apparently not the case in Belgium. The displays, located in the country's busiest shopping centers, are captioned "Your chance to own an Alfa Romeo," and show off how affordable the car can be once all the manufacturer's incentives are applied. Makes us wish we weren't missing out on the MiTo here in the U.S.

Business aside, however, it's an impressive, if worrisome, display of engineering. Our favorite part? The older gentleman standing directly under the precariously perched MiTo--not to inspect the car, but to investigate the shopping cart's contents. Talk about missing the point.

[Alfa Romeo Belgium via IBelieveInAdv]