Audi continues to tease us with the 2011 A1, which may or may not be headed to the U.S. Primed as a competitor for BMW's MINI, the premium small car looks to be shaping up along the lines of the many concepts that we've seen so far.

The latest video of Audi's A1 shows off its core design premises, including a contrasting-color roof that can be ordered in a number of colors and the way the front and rear window angles were designed to give a sense of movement. Perhaps the most interesting part of the video, however, is the tiny scale model of the A1 sitting on Juergen Loeffler's desk as he presents the video.

Words can only go so far in describing the car, however, so check out the video for the details. When you're done, you can check out our previous articles on the 2011 Audi A1 for a look at its powertrains and other features.