BMW X5 Parking Fail

BMW X5 Parking Fail

Some things are too ridiculous, too horrendous or just too stupid to bear full explanation with words alone. The case of one North Toronto BMW X5 driver is a bit of all three, as the video below shows. Epic parking failure alert!

Before you think me too harsh a critic, consider that the driver not only caused what appears to be fairly expensive if not significant structural damage to at least two parked cars.

That driver--well-heeled enough to be at the wheel of an X5 entering a gym parking lot--then backs up, ponders the situation and decides to take off without leaving so much as a note on the windshields of the damaged cars. All that's missing is the sped-up footage being set to the Benny Hill theme song.

Parking fail? For sure. Humanity fail? Yes again. But humor fail? Not even close.

[YouTube via BoingBoing]