Clearly we have underestimated Anna Faris. We'd written her off as another adorable blonde, on par with Malin Akerman or Hilarie Burton -- which is to say cute, funny, approachably sexy, and doomed to a career full of infomercials.

But oh, Ms. Faris has proven us wrong: there is clearly more to this young woman than meets the eye. Do you see what Anna's driving here? She's not tooling around Los Angeles in some celebutante-friendly Toyota Prius or Range Rover. No, girlfriend is keeping it real in a Toyota FJ Cruiser, one of our favorite SUVs. It's a great match for her -- sporty, outgoing, slightly flashy, but also friendly and no-nonsense.

If Anna plays her cards right, we predict that this down-to-earth attitude will get her far more attention than 1,000 topless scenes. Although we've been wrong before.