Cross-promotion is a common advertising tool. Just consider how often you've seen movies and fast-food joints team up on kids' meal toys, and you'll begin to get the picture. But although this Israeli ad by Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv for the Mazda MX-5 might seem to be the product of a co-sponsorship, it's apparently not that straightforward.

Designed for Israel's only importer of Mazda vehicles, this can't be a cross-promotional piece because there's no brand on the condom box; in other words, the MX-5 is the only brand being promoted. It could've been created for World AIDS Day (December 1), but there's no mention of that the image, which seems sloppy, to say the least. Maybe it's encouraging young people to play safely over Hanukkah? We knew that Purim festivities could get a little racy, but the Festival of Lights? Really? Sadly, the ad's clunky tagline -- "There's only room for two" -- raises more questions than it answers.

But more to the point: who the heck would be able to put condoms to use in an MX-5 anyway? Other than a couple of contortionists, of course.

[Coloribus via CopyRanter]