• The Google Street View Car

    Google Street View -- like its big sisters, Google Maps and Google Earth -- is a great service that has changed the way we view the world, but it's taken a lot of heat, too, especially from privacy advocates. Now, Street View cars are making their first forays into Israel, but they'll be rolling with some serious restrictions in place. The public's problems with Street View began simply enough, with citizens in Germany and elsewhere wanting their homes and businesses left out of the service due to privacy concerns. Then, when Google admitted its cars has "accidentally" recorded private...

  • Google Maps with traffic data for Munich and Madrid
    Planning A European Road Trip? Google Maps Has Traffic Info

    For many of us, the thought of motoring through the backroads and byways of Europe sounds like a dream vacation, but such trips come with their share of challenges -- namely, unfamiliar roads, signs in foreign languages, and, like anywhere, rush hour traffic. (Hey, someone's gotta keep punching the...

  • iOnRoad app
    iOnRoad App Brings Collision-Avoidance To Your Smartphone: Video

    If you're in the market for a new vehicle, you might be tempted to go for something with high-tech safety features, like a collision-avoidance system. At the moment, though, most of that technology is tied to luxury rides or comes as pricey add-ons. But if you've got an Android smartphone, a new...

  • Mazda + condom ad from Israel
    Today In WTF Ads: Mazda REALLY Wants Israelis To Use Condoms

    Cross-promotion is a common advertising tool. Just consider how often you've seen movies and fast-food joints team up on kids' meal toys, and you'll begin to get the picture. But although this Israeli ad by Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv for the Mazda MX-5 might seem to be the product of a...

  • Better Place battery switch station at work
    Better Place shows off its automated EV battery switching station

    Shai Agassi's ambitious Better Place project has been rolling out plans for test-market EVs around the world for over a year now, and today the project took a huge leap forward with the demonstration of its first automated battery swapping station. The proof-of-concept facility was demonstrated in...

  • Autobahn lights
    Israeli firm developing electricity-generating roads

    A group of Israeli engineers have created a system that allows certain types of roads to generate electricity just by driving over them. The Israeli engineers behind the project claim that a 1km stretch of the power-generating asphalt will generate 400kW - enough power to run eight small cars. The...

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