There are many reasons to beat an M6 to death with a bat...wait, no, there really aren't. Unless you're this guy outside the Frankfurt auto show.

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Apparently dissatisfied with his M6's reliability and BMW's customer service, Pourmohseni Hadi and his friend Thomas Brunner took to the poor coupe with a sledgehammer and an axe on the steps of the convention center where the show is held.

So what had gone so wrong that Hadi felt the need to demolish his V-10-powered specimen? According to, the car rattled and buzzed while driving, and Hadi had tried multiple times to get the issue fixed through BMW's dealership network in Italy. After a series of unproductive treatments, Hadi sent BMW a letter, and, he says, received no response.

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So he sentenced his M6 to public execution.

We can't say we'd take the same path--that's what the used car market is for, after all--but we do know the frustration of dealing with a lemon.