There's no doubt that the Alfa Romeo 4C is a technological standout in the compact sports car class, and a relative bargain even at a projected price somewhere north of $75,000. But it's also incredibly good-looking.

Like, really, really good-looking. Even with the weird spider-eye headlight units. And it's downright sexy when full lock is applied with the throttle buried. This new gallery of the car shows it in the best light yet.

Of course, even if it looked like a loaf of bread on a skateboard, we'd be interested: it has a carbon monocoque chassis; a 240-horsepower 1.75-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine; a curb weight of just 2,100 pounds (or maybe more like 2,320 pounds for America); and, of course, a mid-engine/rear-drive layout. It's like a 1/2-scale McLaren MP4-12C, and that's a great car.

But it doesn't look like a loaf of bread on a skateboard. It looks like the pint-sized peak of automotive perfection.