Red light runners are part of that group of automotive bastards that make the world a worse place. There are two types of red light runners in the world. One is the sort of person who doesn't pay attention to anything around them, and most certainly should not be behind the wheel of an automobile.

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The other believes they are the most important person on the road and a red light can't stand between them and their destination. Unfortunately for the owner of a Honda S2000, his day intersected with one of the two aforementioned types of red light runner.

With his dashcam recording the action, we can see a minivan enter into the frame from the right. The driver of the S2000 notices the van approaching at a rapid speed, but it's too late to do anything about it. The cars connect, the airbags blow, and the damage is done.

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Hopefully no one was hurt, and it appears that the S2000 driver is a bit shaken but otherwise unharmed. Additionally, he's got video proof that the other driver was very much in the wrong here. According to the video description, the minivan driver claimed they had the red light, but the S2000 driver showed the footage to the officer at the scene, and the tickets started to fly--for the minivan driver. It won't fix his likely totaled S2000, but it's some small measure of justice.

Folks, pay attention to the road ahead of you, don't run red lights--and keep your eyes peeled for those two kinds of bastards.


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