[WARNING: The video above contains graphic scenes of the vehicular attack on pedestrians. Watch at your own risk.]

Video games get a lot of grief for promoting violence, and criminals often use them as excuses. Whether you believe video games are the cause or not, you have to admit there are times when life imitates are. This is one of those times--except the perp doesn't get to go on with his day like nothing happened.

In fact, Aqab Hussain, a 21-year-old living in Manchester, England, was just convicted of four counts of attempted murder for his Grand Theft Auto-style revenge attack, reports the Daily Mail. The graphic video above depicts the attack, as Hussain intentionally runs into three men as they cross the street.

The scene: the three men, one of whom is partially blind, were leaving a lap dancing club (more shades of Grand Theft Auto), where they'd been in a scuffle described as "horseplay" with one of Hussain's friends. The scuffle developed into a shouting match outside the club. A few minutes later, as the men were on their way home, Hussain attacked, driving the wrong way down the street at about 40 mph, sending the men flying like so many pixels on a TV screen.

Hussain's attack left the partially blind man with skull fractures, requiring 20 days of treatment in the ICU, and leaving him paralyzed on his right side. No other serious injuries were reported.