There's nothing about this Nissan Patrol that makes sense. We love it while hating it.

What's so different? There are no driver controls in the front row. They've been relocated to the center-mounted second row. Why? We're not sure the guys (at King of Customs in Dubai) who built it know. They certainly don't explain why. It just is.

The issues that are immediately apparent with this design premise are myriad: visibility, especially with front-seat passengers in place; the tiny footbox jammed between the front seats; the likelihood of the driver getting launched over the steering column and through the front window in the event of an accident; the obvious impracticality of taking out a three-person bench for a center-mounted driving position; we could go on.

But we don't care about all of that business. This thing is great. Next, we want to see it barreling up a monstrous dune, scaring children and breaking stuff. That might be the only thing it's good for.