Pim closes his eyes and braces for impact.

Pim closes his eyes and braces for impact.

We all complain about bad drivers, though some of the worst drivers complain the most. The Netherlands has found a way to extract some good from the bad, however, by making a reality TV show to laugh at the incompetent pilots. The laughter ended recently, however, as one contestant wrecked badly on camera.

The host of the show, Ruben Nicolai, and one of the cameramen were injured in the accident, which, though we don't understand Dutch, apparently involved accelerating toward an obstacle and braking at the last moment to avoid contact. The driver here is clearly one of the worst in any country, grossly misjudging the braking point, veering off course, and striking one of the staff vehicles sitting nearby.

Reports indicate the driver, identified only as "Pim," mistook the gas pedal for the brake, flooring it when he tried to stop. Nicolai was knocked out in the collision and spent a night in the hospital, but was later pronounced healthy.

Worse than mistaking the gas for the brake, however, is this driver's reaction once it's clear that things have gone completely pear-shaped: he shuts his eyes, takes his hands from the wheel, covers his face, and appears to curl up into the fetal position. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.

[YouTube via Autoblog.nl]