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  • Bugatti Baby II

    The 3:4 scale Bugatti Baby II comes with up to 13.4 horsepower and a price that ranges from $35,000 to $69,000.

  • Power Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 RS KTM 450
    The most insane Power Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 is powered by a motorcycle engine

    It has far more in common with a go-kart than with a toy car.

  • Bugatti Baby II
    Bugatti celebrates 110 years with test drives of 3:4 scale Bugatti Baby II

    Bugatti will build 500 examples of the 3:4 scale Bugatti Baby II with prices starting at $33,000.

  • Hot Wheels id Race Portal
    Hot Wheels id takes everyone's favorite toy car into the digital era

    Hot Wheels has become a go-to toy car brand for over 50 years, but this month its miniature rides are getting a digital makeover. The company announced Hot Wheels id last week, ushering in a physical and digital presence for the cars. The cars themselves are embedded with wireless technology that...

  • McLaren Senna 1:8 scale model by Amalgam
    This McLaren Senna scale model costs as much as a good used car

    The first McLaren Senna recently landed stateside and is now being enjoyed by one lucky and well-off owner. Now, more of us can enjoy our own for "just" $8,184. There's a catch, of course. This one comes courtesy of Amalgam Collection, and it's a 1:8 scale model. In the world of high-end...

  • Nissan GT-R Nismo created with LEGO
    Fan crafts his own Lego Nissan GT-R Nismo

    The types of media that an artist can use to create brilliance are limitless. You'll find thousands of examples of artwork that aren't crafted using pen and ink, brush and paint, or sculpting clay. One such piece of art is the incredibly detailed Nissan GT-R Nismo Firas Abu-Jaber built using Lego...

  • McLaren 570S push car by Step2

    Today's kiddos have some of the coolest stuff. We wish we were able to take advantage of some of the neat toy cars on the market today. Alas, we probably won't fit into Step2 and McLaren's latest project. Your eyes do not deceive you. This is a McLaren 570S push car and the project has the blessing of McLaren itself. The British sports car maker worked directly with Step2 to ensure the design is authentic. As a result, both companies' innovative spirit meshed into one final product that will be a delight for any child. CHECK OUT: McLaren road car business could launch IPO in 3-5 years It's...

  • McLaren 720S in Lego form
    Lego adds the McLaren 720S to Speed Champions series

    For those of you unaware, the Lego Speed Champions series of kits is excellent. Lego has been turning out all sorts of build-it-yourself kits for those looking to create scale versions of some of their favorite street and racing vehicles. From hot rods to the Ford Raptor, and even on to Formula One...

  • Darth Vader Hot Wheels
    Hot Wheels Turns To The Dark Side For Newest Collectible

    Hot Wheels is venturing forth into the San Diego adventure that is Comic-Con. The event kicks off towards the end of July, and the toy car manufacturer will be there to reveal a handful of new scale machines. DON'T MISS: Ferrari F12 TRS Revealed, Rumored To Cost $4.2 Million One that's grabbing our...

  • Remote-control 1/4-scale 1934 Ford screencap.
    Awesome 1/4-Scale V-8-Powered 1934 Ford R/C Car: Video

    This nitro-methane-powered hot rod is no toy.

  • Acura NSX II concept - 2013 Detroit Auto Show
    Honda Releases Concept Model Data For 3D Printing, Including New Acura NSX

    Users can download data and make miniature replicas of Honda concept cars.

  • The Ken Block Hot Wheels collection
    Ken Block Launches New Car Line

    Ken Block has teamed up with Hot Wheels to launch a new line of cars based on Block's Ford Fiesta rally and gymkhana cars.

  • Silverlit Ferrari Enzo

    Don't say we didn't call it. The old-school radio control handset is dead. Back in March we showed a Mini Cooper radio control car being directed via smartphone. Since then we've seen smartphone apps used to control all manner of other objects, and the culmination of these advancements is in one of the coolest toys yet, an iPhone-controlled Ferrari Enzo. Using Bluetooth connection, you can control various aspects of the Enzo, from the regular forward, backward, left and right to head, tail and turning lights. The Ferrari Enzo Toy Car is made by Silverlit and costs around $80. If you don't...

  • Harrod's Morgan pedal car. Image: Harrod's
    Harrod's Department Store Can Help Your Kids Love Morgan, Too

    If you're looking for the perfect holiday gift for kids from 6 - 13, Harrod's has the answer. Their Morgan pedal car will help teach the next generation about the Morgan brand.

  • Bloodhound SSC 1,000 mph land speed record car
    Bloodhound Land Speed Car Gets First Record (In Scale Speed)

    If you've been following the race for the Land Speed Record you'll be familiar with Bloodhound SSC. The U.K-based team headed by Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green hopes to smash the previous record, set by Green himself, by achieving over 1,000 miles per hour. A car with the Bloodhound name has...

  • dAlH2Orean Aluminum-powered R/C car
    Video: Back To The Future With Aluminum Powered R/C Car

    The future is full of powerplant possibilities - efficient gasoline and clean diesel, hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells and pure electric - but we don't yet have the technology to power a car using cold fusion, à la 'Doc' Brown's DeLorean in the Back To The Future trilogy. We can replicate the...

  • Smartphone controlled RC car
    Video: Radio Control? Old News! Phones Are Where It's At

    Before the advent of video games and thousands of cars stunningly recreated in high polygon models on hundreds of detailed race tracks, we used to use a little thing known as imagination and a little suspension of disbelief to get virtual racing thrills. Diecast cars were at the bottom of the tree...

  • Play-Doh 2011 Chevrolet Orlando
    Play-Doh 2011 Chevrolet Orlando: Not Quick But Lots Of Fun

    When people say that the 2011 Chevrolet Orlando is great for families with kids, your first thoughts are probably along the lines of loads of seats, lots of space, a tough interior and something that's cheap to run. The Orlando that's appeared in a London street today is none of these things, but...

  • Hot Wheels Video Racer

    It's either the CIA's next technique for keeping track of kindergarten violence or the best thing to hit die-cast cars since working steering. What are we talking about? Mattel's Video Racer cars. The latest generation of the world-famous Hot Wheels series will let kids everywhere see a previously unknown perspective on their mayhem, using a car-mounted camera and LCD screen. Hot Wheels have been entertaining kids (and the young at heart) since 1968, producing accurate die-cast replicas of popular cars and some original designs, too. They've always been popular for their ability to speed...

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