Ken Block is a serial entrepreneur. Everything he touches turns to gold, and there’s no denying that the man is a marketing genius who carefully plans every move and every tie-in to his name.

His latest product push isn’t shoes, sportswear or hats with funky, oversized brims: instead, its a line of performance oriented cars, designed to attract new buyers to the Ken Block brand.

The catch? The cars are made by Hot Wheels, and they’re hitting the market just in time for the holiday season.

On the “entry level” side, buyers can opt for a 1:64 scale representation of Block’s Ford Fiesta, wearing either white or black liveries. Priced at around $1.00 each (including destination charge), there’s no reason not to own both.

Next up is the Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders Ken Block Fiesta, which is a tiny radio control car setup that promises acceleration of 0 to 600 mph (in scale) in just over one second. At $26, this is a bit pricier, but looks to be great fun until the dog chases it down and eats it.

Finally, there’s the 1:16 scale Hot Wheels Ken Block RC Stunt Car, which hits 80 mph in scale speed in just 2 seconds, making it slightly quicker than Block’s actual Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle Ford Fiesta. It comes with two drift modes and a handy reminder on the packaging that you can watch Block’s Gymkhana 3 video online, all for the reasonable price of $45.

If these cars are a success, expect to see further collaborations between Ken Block and Hot Wheels in 2012. In the mean time, you can find these models at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart and Pep Boys stores, or online at the Mattel website.