The first McLaren Senna recently landed stateside and is now being enjoyed by one lucky and well-off owner. Now, more of us can enjoy our own for "just" $8,184. There's a catch, of course. This one comes courtesy of Amalgam Collection, and it's a 1:8 scale model.

In the world of high-end collectible scale models. Amalgam rises to the top. The company makes high-quality models of amazing cars, and charges incredibly high prices.

This McLaren Senna Limited Edition is offered up with a proper McLaren orange paint job using factory paint. It has exposed carbon-fiber elements, gunmetal wheels, and blue brake calipers. Those exist on the full-size Senna and they're expertly replicated on the mini McLaren. The model took 3,000 hours to develop, and Amalgam used original CAD drawings to create it in scale. The final product took 300 hours to assemble by hand.

This is just the Limited Edition base model, though. Amalgam offers two ways to spend even more money.

For those who desire other colors, Amalgam offers the Bespoke version. It costs $9,384 and opens the door to more exterior color choices, a single upholstery color of the buyer's choice, plus a choice of wheel styles and caliper colors. As with the full-size Senna, buyers can push further, and that's how we get to Bespoke Plus. This version costs $10,584 and allows the buyer full interior and exterior customization, including colors and materials.

In addition to the adoring fans of the Senna who would want such an expensive"toy" if they can't afford the real thing, this model will certainly appeal to the 499 owners of the full-size McLaren Senna. After all, anyone who can shell out $837,000 for a car likely won't fret about spending up to five figures on a model of that car.