It's been seven years since Lamborghini began production of the Murciélago-replacing Aventador, and five since the Gallardo left us in favor of the Huracán. On Tuesday, both nameplates reached significant milestones.

Lamborghini announced it has produced the 8,000th Aventador and the 11,000th Huracán. The milestone Aventador, an S roadster, is finished in Grigio Telesto and will soon be delivered to its owner in Japan. The 11,000th Huracán, painted Blue Nethuns, will stay local for a customer in Italy.

The build announcement also said Lamborghini deliveries worldwide have grown 11 percent in the first half of this year to 2,327 cars. Of the total, the brand has sold 1,604 Huracáns and 673 Aventadors.

The two banner Lamborghini supercars will likely be the final models to feature standalone internal combustion engines. Last April the company's CEO, Stefano Domenicali, confirmed both the Aventador and Huracán replacements will feature plug-in hybrid power to preserve the current V-10 and V-12 engines. Lamborghini plans to keep the two powertrains for at least one more generation as it toys with more electrification technology. Still, the succeeding models should sing just as well.

It's thought we'll first see the Huracán replacement show face in 2020, while the Aventador will give way to a successor sometime in 2022. The brand's Aventador replacement is rumored to sport up to 800 horsepower from an enlarged V-12 engine, and electric motors could push power toward four figures.

Meanwhile, Lamborghini is currently cooking up an ultra-hot Aventador SVJ, which may aim to smash Porsche's production car lap record at the Nürburgring. And the current Huracán may be in for new Speedster, Barchetta, and Targa versions. In other words, there's plenty of life left yet in both raging bulls.