Looking to add some spice to your Hot Wheels collection? Maybe you're a bit more serious about grabbing as many scale versions of your favorite cars as you can, and that means you've already jump up to the AutoArt offerings of the world. Guess what? You're a small-time player. Just like there's always someone buying more expensive watches and scotches, there's a company offering an uber-expensive model car. Today's example is this 1:8 scale Bugatti Chiron from the Amalgam Collection.

It costs $10,160.

According to Motor1, the "toy" version of the Chiron is nearly two feet long. Amalgam created the massive miniature by hand-crafting it with data provided by the original CAD information used on the full-size machine. If you can afford the $2.6 million it takes to bring home a Chiron, then dropping over $10k on a scale version to plop on what we assume is a massively imposing desk isn't that big of a deal.

Another outfit makes a 1:18 scale version of the Chiron that could be more within the realm of your budget. MR hasn't announced pricing for that version yet. Even if it cost $2,000, that would be bargain compared to the Amalgam model. Based on MR's other models, it should be well shy of $1,000, though.

Still, a two-foot long, hand-crafted scale version of an impossibly rare hypercar is a pretty cool desk ornament, if you can swing the dough required to land it.