Bugatti Chiron

  • 200th Bugatti Chiron

    The 200th Chiron is a Sport model with 110 ans Bugatti anniversary treatment.

  • Bugatti Chiron by Mansory
    Mansory-tuned Bugatti Chiron can be yours for $4.7 million

    The first tuned Bugatti Chiron, the Mansory Centuria, is for sale for a mind-blowing $4.7 million.

  • Bugatti Chiron first drive
    There are fewer than 100 build slots left for Bugatti's Chiron

    Bugatti plans to build a maximum 500 Chirons, and less than a 100 build slots remain. Unfortunately for anyone putting down an order, the wait time for delivery will likely be more than a year.

  • Bugatti Chiron test with astronaut Jon A. McBride
    Astronaut Jon A. McBride experiences Bugatti Chiron at Kennedy Space Center

    Astronauts handle some of the wildest vehicles mankind has ever built. Naturally, it only makes sense to put a former astronaut in the passenger seat of a Bugatti Chiron to see how it compares. Last Friday, Bugatti did just that when it placed astronaut Jon A. McBride in the passenger seat of the...

  • Bugatti Chiron 110 Ans Bugatti special edition
    Bugatti celebrates 110th anniversary with special-edition Chiron

    Bugatti is 110 years old this year, and to celebrate, the hypercar maker revealed a special-edition Chiron. Appropriately called the Bugatti Chiron 110 Ans Bugatti, French for "110 Years of Bugatti," the hypercar is all about honoring its French heritage. Although the exterior color is finished in...

  • Bugatti Chiron top speed run
    Owner takes Bugatti Chiron to its top speed

    While most owners of the Bugatti Chiron will never come close to the top speed potential of their cars, some are more than happy to push their cars to the limit. One owner recently did just that at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds in Merritt Island, Florida, a site with a 2.3-mile straight that...

  • Bugatti Chiron 3D-printed brake caliper tests

    Bugatti in January revealed the largest 3D-printed component composed out of titanium: a brake caliper designed for the Chiron hypercar. Throughout 2018, the firm has continued to test the brake caliper before it enters production, and we received our first look at just how extreme the test procedures are. Video shows the titanium caliper installed on a machine to mimic a car traveling at high speeds, up to 233 mph. Engineers then apply the brakes to see how the 3D-printed component stacks up against the casted aluminum caliper. The results speak for themselves as the caliper remains intact...

  • Bugatti Chiron first drive
    Bugatti Chiron won't get open-top version, land speed record attempt

    Bugatti fans hoping for a reveal of an open-top Chiron along the lines of the Veyron's Grand Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse models are set for disappointment as the French marque has no plans for such a car. That was the response from Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann to a question posed by Motor...

  • Champagne Carbon ƎB.01
    Champagne Carbon crafts a bespoke bottle for Bugatti's 110th birthday

    Champagne Carbon, the beverage company with those ridiculous but awesome carbon fiber bottles of bubbly that Formula 1 drivers shower themselves with on the podium, has teamed up with Bugatti to develop a bespoke bottle celebrating the automaker's 110th anniversary in 2019. Champagne Carbon CEO...

  • Bugatti Chiron Sport
    Bugatti boss claims Chiron could hit 280 mph, but don't expect an attempt

    Koenigsegg set the industry ablaze when it used an owner's car to set a 277.9 mph top speed world record for street legal production cars. Since then, all eyes have been on a handful of rivals, including Bugatti, which held the production-car record for years. Now, the French supercar brand says...

  • Bugatti Chiron Lego Technic life-size model
    This life-size, drivable Lego Bugatti Chiron has 2,304 electric motors

    Legos have remained the go-to building blocks for decades to exercise the freedom of creativity, and today, they're capable of producing some wild creations. Now, we can add a life-size drivable Bugatti Chiron to the list of insane builds. Yes, the Bugatti Chiron seen here is made entirely from...

  • Bugatti Divo
    Bugatti Divo deep dive: Made for corners

    Bugatti has a track-focused model in its lineup. It's called the Divo, and it was shown for the first time Friday at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering in Monterey, California. While Bugatti's Chiron is all about combining speed and luxury, the Divo, as Bugatti openly states, was made for corners...

  • Bugatti builds a Chiron with an exposed carbon fiber body

    We were amazed when Pagani needed to recall 16 of its Huayras. Lamborghini impressed us when it served a recall notice for all 11 of the Centenarios currently in the United States. Now Bugatti is jumping into the recall game as it has been forced to issue a recall notice for some Stateside examples of the Chiron. How many hypercars are affected by this news? Just two. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has posted a recall notice for a pair of Bugatti's latest and greatest. The reason? A set of side airbag modules have been installed in the incorrect position. If an airbag is...

  • Bugatti Chiron with Sky View roof option
    Bugatti reveals Sky View option for Chiron

    Bugatti will let the light in with a new Sky View option for the Chiron hypercar. The French company announced Wednesday the latest option for the Chiron is available to order now. Those who select the Sky View option will see their cars fixed with two 25-inch long and 17-inch wide glass panels on...

  • Teaser for Bugatti Divo debuting on August 24
    Hardcore Bugatti Chiron-based Divo teased ahead of August 24 reveal

    In May we learned that Bugatti held a private preview showing of a new Chiron variant in Los Angeles, with one of the people claiming to have attended the preview describing the car as “controversial” and “pretty limited.” Bugatti on Tuesday finally confirmed the car as the...

  • Bugatti builds a Chiron with an exposed carbon fiber body
    A London dealer built a Bugatti Chiron in fully exposed carbon fiber

    The United Kingdom has an official Bugatti dealership, and it's no surprise that it should fall under the reins of H.R. Owen. As a means of advertising its wares in the best way possible, the dealership has crafted a Chiron with a special body. Instead of insane colors or a crazy livery, the H.R...

  • Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron
    Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron revealed with 3,599 pieces, including movable engine parts

    Few people are likely to be able to afford one of the 500 Bugatti Chirons destined to be built, however we're sure most will be able to scrape together the dollars required to purchase the new Lego Technic version of the French hypercar. Like the real Chiron, the Lego version is a complicated bit...

  • Bugatti staff and the 100th Chiron at Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim, France
    Bugatti builds 100th Chiron

    Bugatti on Wednesday revealed it had built the 100th example of its Chiron. The milestone was reached a little over two years since the 1,480-horsepower hypercar's debut at the 2016 Geneva auto show. Bugatti celebrated by taking a group shot with the car and its employees at its headquarters in...

  • Bugatti Chiron Sport

    Bugatti, Volkswagen Group's French hypercar brand, has a new Chiron variant in the works. Apparently, this won't be a typical special edition model. Instead, the vehicle is quite "controversial." That's the word YouTuber Whitesse JR used to describe the new Chiron variant. The cameraman was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Bugatti to limit what he could actually say and show to the public. Bugatti has only shown the car to a select group of individuals, and one of those showings was a very exclusive event in Beverly Hills, as you can see in this video. The YouTuber was able to...

  • Bugatti Chiron telemetry
    Bugatti owners can rest easy as technicians monitor cars in real time

    Tesla has popularized remote monitoring and updating of cars with its “over the air” system, but it wasn't the first automaker to do so. Bugatti had a similar system in place when it launched the Veyron last decade and with the car's successor, the 1,480-horsepower Chiron, the French...

  • Bugatti Chiron Sport
    Bugatti boss isn't interested in Chiron's top speed

    They say a submarine captain never truly knows how deep his vessel can go. Similarly, Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann doesn't know how fast his Chiron can go. According to a report published by CNBC last Thursday, he doesn't care to find out. When Bugatti launched the Chiron back in 2016, the...

  • Bugatti Chiron Sport
    Bugatti Chiron Sport is lighter, sharper, but not Super

    Can a new Bugatti be disappointing? No, that's ridiculous. But we'll admit to feeling a little surprised by the arrival of the new Bugatti Chiron Sport, which debuted Tuesday at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. That's not because of what it adds—a sharper, more aggressive suspension...

  • Bugatti Chiron brake caliper made using 3D printing
    Bugatti brake caliper is world's largest 3D-printed titanium component

    3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is starting to gain traction in the manufacturing of cars. Where the process is particularly useful is the manufacturing of complex, low-volume metal parts. Traditionally, complex molds would have to be built and then a foundry would have to cast...

  • Bugatti Chiron heading to RM Sotheby's auction
    Pack your millions: one of first 20 Bugatti Chirons delivered up for auction

    It's car auction season, and the notable consignments keep rolling in. The latest big-ticket car? None other than a Bugatti Chiron, the French supercar that began deliveries this past March. RM Sotheby's will offer the supercar at its Paris, France, auction that kicks off on February 7, and we're...

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