Allow me a moment to speak to the Bugatti Chiron owners currently reading this. I hope you're enjoying your hypercar. You've made a delightful choice in deciding to add this amazing piece of automotive technology to your already outstanding garage.

Amalgam has a lovely scale version of the very engine and transmission used in the Chiron, and it would look brilliant on a stand next to your car or placed in your office.

Okay, everyone else can read now. If you spend $9,365 to own a 1:4 scale model of a Bugatti Chiron engine and transmission, then you're not a smart person. To a Bugatti customer, $10,000 is an extravagant dinner with friends, a new every-day watch, or perhaps an expertly tailored suit from a top-flight fashion house. So to spend $9,365 on an exact 1:4 scale version of a car's engine and transmission is not an insane purchase to consider. If you don't own the car though, you shouldn't own this either.

Now, to be clear, we're not knocking the quality of the piece itself. Amalgam always produce tremendously well crafted scale models and this engine is no exception. In fact, Bugatti themselves had final sign off on the piece to make sure the quality was up to the brand's own standard. Made up of over 1,000 individual parts, this model even includes accurate part labels and barcodes where applicable.

But to reiterate an earlier point, you're a fool if you buy one and you don't own the real version. This one here doesn't spin. It can't be used to power the ultimate go kart. It just sits there, reminding you that you have $9,365 tied up in something that does nothing...we're not even sure if it appreciates. It just is. Your money, however, longer.