• Ford Escort scale model made from precious materials

    Building scale model cars is a wonderful way for enthusiasts to pass the time and "own" the cars of their dreams. They're usually built from plastic kits, but one jeweler took his love affair for the Ford Escort to new heights. The scratchbuilt Ford Escort Mk II seen here is done in 1/25 scale and made entirely from silver, gold, diamonds, and other precious stones. The meticulous creation comes from professional jeweler Russell Lord. The Brit has worked with fine jewelry for decades and owned 55 actual Ford Escorts. He started work on this miraculous model car, which depicts a...

  • McLaren Senna 1:8 scale model by Amalgam
    This McLaren Senna scale model costs as much as a good used car

    The first McLaren Senna recently landed stateside and is now being enjoyed by one lucky and well-off owner. Now, more of us can enjoy our own for "just" $8,184. There's a catch, of course. This one comes courtesy of Amalgam Collection, and it's a 1:8 scale model. In the world of high-end...

  • Lewis Hamilton and Gigi Hadid go for a drive in a Mercedes-AMG GT
    Gigi Hadid scares Lewis Hamilton in the AMG GT, then roles are reversed

    Gigi Hadid is a Los Angeles-born supermodel. She's a champion of the catwalk. Lewis Hamilton is a British-born race car driver. He's a four-time Formula One world champion. You'd think it would be Hamilton, then, that would offer to give Hadid a ride in a Mercedes-AMG GT, but in this video from the...

  • Acura NSX II concept - 2013 Detroit Auto Show
    Honda Releases Concept Model Data For 3D Printing, Including New Acura NSX

    Users can download data and make miniature replicas of Honda concept cars.

  • Models cars from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection
    Ralph Lauren Home Selling Scale Models Of Lauren's Cars

    Ralph Lauren has commissioned model cars of a few favorites from his collection. They aren't inexpensive, but the level of detail in each is exquisite.

  • Bloodhound SSC 1,000 mph land speed record car
    Bloodhound Land Speed Car Gets First Record (In Scale Speed)

    If you've been following the race for the Land Speed Record you'll be familiar with Bloodhound SSC. The U.K-based team headed by Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green hopes to smash the previous record, set by Green himself, by achieving over 1,000 miles per hour. A car with the Bloodhound name has...

  • Papercraft Audi A7

    The 2011 Audi A7 might be big but it isn't particularly heavy for its size. Weighing in at around 3,900 pounds it's around 300 pounds lighter than its rival the BMW 5-Series GT despite the Quattro drivetrain. You can thank the part aluminum construction for that. Still, it could be lighter. And smaller. Maybe even made of paper. Okay, so artist Tarasa Lesko's papercraft Audi A7 won't get you to the shops in all weathers (in fact, it'd probably struggle a little in rain. Or a light breeze...) but it's certainly impressive. Tarasa made the paper replica using 285 sheets of paper printed with...

  • Miley Cyrus backing her Toyota Prius out of handicapped space at Millions of Milkshakes, Los Angeles
    Miley Cyrus Parks Toyota Prius In Handicapped Space, Gets Milkshake

    Like many of Hollywood's Very Very Very Famous People, Miley Cyrus drives a Toyota Prius. At least some of the time, since we don't know if she's hiding a Paris-Hilton-style Bentley Continental GT in her garage. But as shown on in March, the "Hannah Montana" starlet has clearly parked...

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