Gigi Hadid is a Los Angeles-born supermodel. She's a champion of the catwalk. Lewis Hamilton is a British-born race car driver. He's a four-time Formula One world champion. You'd think it would be Hamilton, then, that would offer to give Hadid a ride in a Mercedes-AMG GT, but in this video from the Tommy Hilfiger Twitter account, that's not initially the case. Hadid rolls up to a thumbs-out Hamilton, who is hitchhiking at a racetrack for some reason, and asks if he needs a ride. The F1 champ is in for a thrill ride, but not like he's used to.

As he jumps in, Hamilton's gaze is not on the lovely lady behind the wheel. Instead he checks out the switchgear. Hadid asks what Hamilton does and he calmly says "I drive." Here at Motor Authority, we can give the same answer when asked that question, but we don't have quite the same resume as Hamilton.

Hadid puts her foot to the floor and takes the AMG GT up to speed. Along the way, Hamilton gives a few pointers as to where Gigi should be on the track. After Hadid hits 120 mph and displays some rather hamfisted driving technique, Hamilton is clearly getting nervous in the passenger seat.

That's when things are set to right.

The pair stop and swap seats. Clearly, quite a bit more speed is found, and a vast reservoir of additional driving talent is at play. You can see the effect of the additional g forces on Hadid's hair.

In the end, the duo exchange a triumphant high five.

So sit back, relax, and click play. The video is only a minute long, but it's enough time to realize that your own life will never be as good as the ones these two are currently living.