Well-known car guy, actor, and comedian Tim Allen has a new toy he wants to show off, and it's none other than the Ford GT

Allen is one of the lucky few to have been selected by Ford to purchase a new GT, as was Allen's longtime pal, Jay Leno. Leno already detailed his GT in his own video, but Allen took to YouTube earlier this month to introduce the world to his "silver spaceship." 

Two rules, per Allen, when watching the video: don't comment on his hair or his shirt. Now that the regulations are out of the way, we can talk about the video.

Allen's video attempts to detail the good and the bad about the GT. The good? It's fast, it corners, and it's unlike anything the celebrity has ever driven. The bad? It's not a very good car for traveling and there's isn't room for much of anything. Allen humorously points out there isn't even space for the GT's keyring tag from the factory.

Allen's in a bit of a persona here, and his tone may not seem too excited, but inside, we bet he's giddy as can be over the 647-horsepower supercar. Check out the introduction video for yourself above. Oh, and nice hair and shirt, Tim.