Mercedes-Benz AMG already offers the GT Coupe sports car and GT 4-Door Coupe hatchback as models distinct from anything in the regular Mercedes lineup, and soon an SUV might be added to that list.

Citing anonymous sources, Autocar reported on Friday that AMG is already at work on a standalone SUV based on its own AMG.EA EV platform that is set to debut next year in an electric successor to the GT 4-Door Coupe. Prototypes for the electric hatchback have already been spotted.

The SUV will reportedly follow the hatch in 2026, which points to it possibly arriving in the U.S. as a 2027 model.

The design of the SUV is expected to be previewed by a concept. Don't look for a sporty, compact design, though. According to Autocar's sources, the concept will be similar in length to the 200-inch long Vision AMG concept from 2022, which previews the design of the hatchback. It's likely the production SUV will be just as large, to match the size of BMW M's XM flagship SUV and potentially Porsche's new K1 flagship SUV due around 2027.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept

AMG has said its AMG.EA platform will introduce a number of new innovations for the brand, one of which is axial-flux motor technology. Mercedes in 2021 acquired the British company Yasa, which specializes in high-performance electric motors and will likely supply the axial-flux motors for vehicles based on the AMG.EA platform.

Axial-flux motors are both lighter and smaller than conventional radial-flux motors of similar output. As a guide, a motor weighing just over 50 pounds can deliver around 480 hp, and multiple units could be installed to take power levels up to insane levels. However, manufacturing the motors is more difficult than for radial-flux motors, making them a lot more expensive.

In addition to its motors, the AMG.EA platform is also expected to benefit from a high-performance high-voltage battery developed using AMG's F1 know-how, particularly in the areas of energy discharging and recovery, and perhaps also cooling.

Production will likely take place at a plant in Sindelfingen, Germany. It's where the current GT 4-Door Coupe is built, and where the car's electric successor is also likely to be built.