Hot Wheels is venturing forth into the San Diego adventure that is Comic-Con. The event kicks off towards the end of July, and the toy car manufacturer will be there to reveal a handful of new scale machines.

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One that's grabbing our attention right out of the gate is this Darth Vader-inspired car. It will reportedly cost $40, which will not only get you the car but also an oh-so-awesome light saber package.

Darth Vader Hot Wheels Case

Darth Vader Hot Wheels Case

Hot Wheels will also showcase a scale version of The Homer from The Simpsons and a James Bond-inspired Aston Martin DB5. If you're in San Diego in July, we ask that you stop by Comic-Con and pick up all three for us, please.

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There's no word on how limited the run of these three machines might be, but we imagine they're not going to churn out too many.


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