Hot Wheels

  • Hot Wheels Unleashed trailer screenshot

    Get ready all you Hot Wheels fans, young and old.

  • "The Batman" Hot Wheels RC Batmobile
    Be the Dark Knight with Mattel's new Batmobile RC car by Hot Wheels

    There's a new Batman movie coming soon, and naturally there's a new Batmobile to go with it.

  • Hot Wheels Unleashed trailer screenshot
    "Hot Wheels Unleashed" video game coming Sept. 30

    Hot Wheels will become a digital experience with the release of the "Hot Wheels Unleashed" video game this fall.

  • Hot Wheels Volkswagen pink Beach Bomb
    This Hot Wheels is worth an estimated $150,000

    With only two in existence, this hot pink Hot Wheel is valued at $150,000.

  • Hot Wheels 1:10-scale remote control Tesla Cybertruck
    Hot Wheels set to deliver RC Cybertruck before Tesla

    A radio-controlled Cybertruck beats Tesla at its own game—to scale, anyway.

  • Jay Leno 2 Jet Z
    Jay Leno joyrides in a Supra-powered 2 Jet Z

    The wild one-off takes inspiration from greatness: a 2JZ, Nissan suspension, and a vegetable steamer.

  • Hot Wheels id Race Portal

    Hot Wheels has become a go-to toy car brand for over 50 years, but this month its miniature rides are getting a digital makeover. The company announced Hot Wheels id last week, ushering in a physical and digital presence for the cars. The cars themselves are embedded with wireless technology that houses the toy's performance stats. These are important for the Race Portal, which through an app, scans the Hot Wheels cars into the digital world, tracks speed, and counts laps. There's also a new id Smart Track Kit. It's just like the bright orange tracks we all remember so well, but this one...

  • Roborace Hot Wheel Robocar model
    Hot Wheels introduces Roborace self-driving race car model

    Roborace has plans to take humans out of the cockpit in a futuristic machine-versus-machine race series, but before that happens, it's putting its Robocars in the hands of people—quite literally. That's because the latest Robocar is a 1:64 scale model in the form of a Hot Wheels toy. Hot...

  • Hot Wheels Legends tour winner: 2JetZ
    Fan's hot rod to become Hot Wheels diecast model

    Hot Wheels representatives have traveled the United States as part of the company's Hot Wheels Legends Tour to celebrate the toy cars' 50th anniversary. Along the way they looked for the next Hot Wheels model. They've found it, and now one fan will have his car immortalized. The brand announced...

  • Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary
    Hot Wheels to re-release original 16 with a display set for 50th anniversary

    Hot Wheels turned 50 in 2018. To honor the milestone, the maker of mini machines reached into its wayback machine for some classic models. The original 16 Hot Wheels die-cast cars were reborn for one glorious set, which goes on sale Nov. 6. The Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary will arrive in one large...

  • Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Stamps
    Hot Wheels stamps help celebrate 50 years of the toy car

    Hot Wheels is rounding out its 50th birthday celebrations this year. Although not nearly as cool as the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Chevrolet Camaro, commemorative Hot Wheels stamps are something any fan can afford. The U.S. Postal Service announced a collection of Hot Wheels stamps to mark the toy...

  • 2018 Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition
    Chevrolet rolls out 2018 Hot Wheels Edition and COPO Camaro

    Chevrolet is debuting two new Camaros ahead of the 2017 SEMA Show and there's good news for Hot Wheels and drag racing lovers. Meet the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition and the 2018 COPO Camaro. Chevrolet bundled both announcements because the brand will offer the Hot Wheels Edition cues on...

  • Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels expansion

    Often while playing with toys as kids the thought ran through our minds: I wish these were real. That was especially true when playing with Hot Wheels. Adventures unfolded thanks to a bit of imagination and the coolest tracks we could create. While we'll forever be nostalgic for those days, Forza Horizon 3 is providing a way to bring Hot Wheels to life, at least digitally. It's also giving Hot Wheels fans a good reason to download its latest expansion pack. The video game's expansion pack ditches the on-location roads of Australia and instead drops players into a Hot Wheels paradise. The...

  • First Hot Wheels Ad
    This is the first Hot Wheels commercial ever

    You played with them as kids. We played with them as kids. And now your children play with them as you claim to buy them for "the kids." We're talking about Hot Wheels, of course. The tiny cars made of metal and plastic that bring joy to so many young, and not so young, enthusiasts faces. There's...

  • Hot Wheels Restoration
    Restoration of Hot Wheels car makes for mesmerizing video

    Watching a car restoration video? Sure, count me in! I love watching folks bring old, forgotten machines back from the near dead. What about doing this on a smaller scale? Well there's a YouTube channel out there that does just that, and the latest video shows you a bit of the process involved in...

  • Ford EcoBoost-powered Hot Wheels Rip Rod
    A Hot Wheels movie is coming and the 'Fast & Furious' director is on board

    According to Jalopnik, a Hot Wheels movie is in the works. It seems a director is already attached as well, and it's none other than Justin Lin of Fast and the Furious fame. We have no word on what's in store for our favorite miniature machines, but Lin certainly knows his way around a film with...

  • Hotwheels has created a life-size X-Wing carship
    Life-size Hot Wheels X-Wing carship to prowl San Diego Comic Con

    You know Hot Wheels for its scaled-down versions of your favorite machines. Of course, it also makes machines straight out of your wildest dreams. Usually its crafted in 1:64 scale, but occasionally things get sized up. This is such an occasion as Hot Wheels is preparing a new line of vehicles it's...

  • Jay Leno drives the Hot Wheels Darth Vader car
    Jay Leno Drives The Darth Vader Hot Wheels Special: Video

    At Comic Con 2014, Hot Wheels unleashed a life-sized Darth Vader car on the world, and, for the right kind of Sith Lord-favoring car enthusiast, it was utterly impressive. Even those not enamored with Star Wars could enjoy the car as a demonstration of one-off design, or simply the fact that the...

  • Ford Engineer & Family Set New Hot Wheels Loop Record

    Take Your Child to Work Day often results in some unexpected surprises—but very few of them end up in a new world record. But for one Ford employee and his son, that’s exactly what happened: they’ve set a new Hot Wheels loop world record. DON'T MISS: Ford Moving Quickly To Ensure Cheap, High-Volume Carbon Fiber Production Ford dynamometer technician Matt West and his six-year old son Blade moved from their home playroom (the site of previous large Hot Wheels loop exploits) to the three-story atrium of the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn for the record...

  • Drifting Hot Wheels cars
    How To Drift Hot Wheels (Yes, Really)

    If you’ve ever sat around with your toy cars, sliding them tail-out as you make (more or less convincing) motor sounds with your mouth, you know the joy that is drifting—whether it’s the flat-brim-and-energy-drink crowd or the Dukes of Hazzard that inspires you. Now you can get...

  • How the Hot Wheels Darth Vader car was made
    How The Darth Vader Hot Wheels Car Was Made: Video

    This summer, Hot Wheels unleashed a new life-sized Darth Vader car on the world, and, for the right kind of Sith Lord-favoring car enthusiast, it was utterly impressive. ALSO SEE: Bargain Ferrari Enzo For Sale: May Need Some Minor Buffing Even those not enamored with Star Wars could enjoy the car...

  • Ford EcoBoost-powered Hot Wheels Rip Rod
    Hot Wheels Rip Rod Features Ford EcoBoost Power: Video

    Ford reinvigorates a static display car with a 1.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine.

  • Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car
    Darth Vader Hot Wheels Car Gets 526-HP Chevy V-8, Sinister Design: Video

    If you’re a Sith Lord with a taste for four-wheeled speed—and let’s face it, landspeeders are just undignified—this one-off creation is just what you’re after. Due to debut at Comic Con July 23rd, this Darth Vader car packs more than just a mean look. MUST SEE...

  • Darth Vader Hot Wheels
    Hot Wheels Turns To The Dark Side For Newest Collectible

    Hot Wheels is venturing forth into the San Diego adventure that is Comic-Con. The event kicks off towards the end of July, and the toy car manufacturer will be there to reveal a handful of new scale machines. DON'T MISS: Ferrari F12 TRS Revealed, Rumored To Cost $4.2 Million One that's grabbing our...

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