You played with them as kids. We played with them as kids. And now your children play with them as you claim to buy them for "the kids." We're talking about Hot Wheels, of course. The tiny cars made of metal and plastic that bring joy to so many young, and not so young, enthusiasts faces.

There's almost a cult around these little cars. Notice we didn't call them toys? Because they aren't. Some people even restore them to their former glory days after being loved by some young developing enthusiast.

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Of course Hot Wheels are fun, but they can also be educational. The cars are quite realistic, and as such kids can learn different makes and models. What's more, with Hot Wheels tracks and accessories kids can learn about gravity, force, and speed. It's science, with Hot Wheels!

Above we see from the dark archives what is purported by our friends at Road & Track to be the first Hot Wheels commercial—ever. Even from the beginning one could argue the educational value of the Hot Wheels toy. Just watch the ad.
So, the next time you think to tell your kids they should put away their Hot Wheels, remember, it's educational.