Small-scale, functioning versions of car engines are all the rage now, but what's the point of a miniature motor that can't drive anything?

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Fabricator Tom Nesper apparently thought exactly that. He posted this video on Facebook of what is probably the world's most awesome remote-control car.

What you're looking at is a 1/4-scale 1934 Ford coupe hot rod with a working, nitro-methane-powered V-8, that runs and drives just like a full-size car. Everything is controlled from a remote similar to what you'd find with some of the more serious R/C cars at the local hobby shop.

The remote operates everything, including the ignition, lights, and turn signals. The car also has hydraulic disc brakes, and a quick-change rearend.

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Nesper says he's spent "many years" working on his pint-sized hot rod, and that's not surprising. Rebuilding a 1934 Ford is one thing, but miniaturizing it is another.

It must be worth it, though, to hear that V-8 growl not at the flexing of a throttle pedal, but at the toggling of a control stick. It's definitely one of the more unusual automotive sights we've encountered.


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