This motorcycle-powered Porsche 911 GT3 RS build is the dream of every kid who had a Power Wheels fetish.

In his own words, Steve Hessick's Power Wheels GT3 rides on a custom chassis "built for shenanigans." And there are shenanigans aplenty to be seen in the videos included here.


Hessick's custom build has far more in common with a go-kart than off-the-shelf child's toy. It's motivated by a 450cc KTM dirt-bike engine fed by a custom fuel tank, and a 6-speed gearbox channels that power through tires borrowed from a mini chopper. The steering wheel is sourced from a Honda buggy.

Unlike a real 911 (and most karts, for that matter), this build's engine is mounted up front. With that much weight over the front wheels, it's pretty easy to plant the faux Porsche's nose and get the back end squirrely, which just about everybody who pilots Hessick's creation seems keen to do. And who can blame them?

The Porsche is still a work in progress, says. Hessick plans to fabricate a custom hood and suspension for the kart as it currently has none, which can't be fun when putting down that kind of power on a washboard dirt surface. 

Hessick documented the build on his YouTube channel, where he also recently published footage of the Porsche racing Jeep- and Mustang-based builds on a 2/3-mile clay oval. For those who like three-wheeled machines, Hessick also has clips of his 300cc drift trike build and race outing.