Ferrari is in a prime position to attract much younger fans thanks to a licensing deal with Playmobil, the popular toy line that enables children big and small to create their own tiny worlds.

The deal, signed 125 years after the birth of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari, has already seen Ferrari's SF90 Stradale join Playmobil's vehicle fleet of plastic 1/24-scale cars, and it's likely more models from the Prancing Horse's stable will be added in the near future.

Playmobil's fleet includes popular models from numerous brands, like the latest Ford GT supercar, multiple generations of the Porsche 911, and much-loved classics, plus all kinds of commercial vehicles.

Young auto aficionados will be able to recreate their favorite racetracks or dream up their own for the SF90 Stradale, or simply play with it in their favorite sand pit.

Playmobil's SF90 Stradale looks realistic thanks to an engine cover that reveals a V-8, as well as functioning lights front and rear. There's room for two Playmobil figures, which can easily be added through the removable roof and windshield.

The Playmobil SF90 Stradale went on sale on Friday with a price tag of about $80. Also in the box are two Playmobil figures, golf bags, luggage, and other extras.