Chinese automaker BYD has developed an active suspension system that can allow a vehicle to jump in the air and safely drive if a wheel or tire is damaged or missing.

BYD said the system, dubbed DiSus, helps ensure a vehicle can remain agile and stable in most driving conditions, helping improve safety by preventing rollovers and also helping improve comfort by reducing an occupant's body movements during high-speed cornering or hard accelerating and braking.

BYD presented the DiSus system on Monday at a tech showcase in Shenzhen, China, and demonstrated its functionality in a pair of videos.

One video shows the U9 electric hypercar from BYD's recently established Yangwang premium brand bouncing on each of its corners before jumping into the air with all four wheels leaving the ground. A second video shows the U9 driving at a reasonable pace and in a controlled fashion with a wheel missing.

Four versions of the DiSus system have been developed: DiSus-C (Intelligent Damping Body Control System), DiSus-A (Intelligent Air Body Control System), DiSus-P (Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System), and DiSus-X. BYD didn't provide an explanation for the DiSux-X system but said it was the version demonstrated in the U9.

BYD also said that some of the DiSus systems rely on on-board sensors, including lidar, when calculating the level of suspension support required.

Timing for the release of DiSus wasn't announced, but BYD said it plans to gradually roll out the technology across its brands, starting with DiSus-P in the Yangwang U8 SUV, DiSus-A in the Denza N7 crossover, and DiSus-C in the BYD Han and Tang models, as well as some models from the Denza brand.