• Ariel Hipercar

    The maker of the Atom track car is working on an extended-range electric supercar.

  • 2020 Ariel Atom 4
    Preview: 2020 Ariel Atom 4 arrives with Civic Type R power, $74,750 price tag

    Ariel's Atom track car has been redesigned from the ground up.

  • 2021 Ariel Nomad R
    2021 Ariel Nomad R rockets in with supercharged Civic Si engine

    Ariel's lightweight off-roader, the Nomad, has just been given a boost to 335 horsepower.

  • Jay Leno drives the Ariel Nomad Tactical
    Jay Leno goes Tactical with the 2017 Ariel Nomad

    When Britain's Ariel first showed off the Atom back in 2000, the automotive enthusiast world was blown back. This was a company taking the idea of focused engineering to a new level. The Atom is essentially a race car that can be registered for the road—legally. In 2015, Ariel did it again...

  • Ariel Atom Aero-P concept
    Ariel brings back the ‘fan car’ with Atom Aero-P concept

    Generating massive amounts of downforce without the added drag that most aerodynamic elements add to a car is the holy grail of designing fast track machines. One of the more out-there solutions is the addition of a fan that literally sucks air from below the car in order to create an area of low...

  • Ariel Nomad
    Ariel's wild, off road-ready Nomad finally available in U.S.

    You've always wanted an Ariel Atom, the ultra-light, no-frills track car... but you happen to live down a dirt road. Well, TMI AutoTech and Ariel have teamed up to bring you the Ariel Nomad, a more rugged (and even more insane) version of the Atom. Now officially available in the United States, the...

  • 1/18 scale Ariel Atom 500

    A scale model manufacturer has managed to do what many before have failed at: Creating a scale model of the V-8-powered Ariel Atom 500. Stretching 134 inches from head to toe, the life-size Ariel Atom isn't exactly a big car. And, as you might expect, the scale model version won't take up a lot of real estate on your bookshelf or desk if you're one of the lucky 1,500 able to snap one up. Of course, your odds of buying an Atom 500 rendered in 1/18th scale are much greater than the chances of actually buying a real one. Just 25 full-size examples of the actual Atom 500 were ever made. The car...

  • 2015 Rezvani Beast
    500-Horsepower Rezvani Beast Revealed In The Carbon Fiber: Video

    When we first heard about Californian startup Rezvani and its plans for a new track-focused sports car called the Beast, we didn’t have high hopes for the company considering its founder Ferris Rezvani’s links with two previous failed sports car projects: the Bulleta RF22 and Volarra...

  • Ariel Nomad
    Ariel creates off-road Atom, calls it the Nomad

    The Ariel Atom remains one of the all-time great automobiles thanks to its no-nonsense approach to speed. It's a bare-bones racing machine that gives its driver exactly what he or she needs to be the fastest one on the track, and nothing more. Ariel expanded its madness to the two-wheeled world...

  • Ariel Atom 3S
    More Powerful Ariel Atom 3S Revealed: Video

    The distributor of the Ariel Atom in the U.S., TMI AutoTech, has a new, more powerful version of the stripped-out track car ready for order. It’s called the Atom 3S, and it's featured in prototype form in the video above. DON'T MISS: Meet Pagani's Chief Tester Davide Testi: Video Power in the...

  • Ariel Ace motorcycle
    Ariel Ace Motorcycle Is Just As Crazy As The Atom

    Picture the Ariel Atom in your head. Not difficult, is it? The car's skeletal structure is its defining feature, and that work of engineering art unsurprisingly finds its way onto the company's new motorcycle, the Ariel Ace. ALSO SEE: #GiveAShift: The 7 Best Manual Transmissions You Can Drive Like...

  • Ariel Atom police car
    Don't Try And Outrun This Ariel Atom Police Car

    It seems barely a month goes by without a police force in some part of the world unveiling an insanely fast police car. Usually, that honor falls to Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, but this month it's the turn of Avon and Somerset Constabulary in the picturesque south of England. Rather than conspicuous...

  • 2015 Rezvani Beast

    The Ariel Atom has long been an object of desire for track fiends, but its utterly minimalist nature can limit its appeal to the average passerby. The Rezvani Beast aims to change that, with dramatic exterior styling that bridges the gulf between track star and supercar. MUST SEE: 1,000-HP Superbird Rips Down Runway At 194 MPH: Video Despite the full carbon fiber body, the Rezvani Beast doesn’t appear to increase the comfort factor much—though a full (removable) windshield will certainly be welcome for those who put significant miles on their track toys. Tipping the scales at as...

  • Motion Simulation's TL1
    New Driving Simulator Developed With Ariel Motor Company

    The problem with a track day terror like the Ariel Atom is this: it may be fun to flog around the nearest road course. but it isn’t much fun to drive on public roads to and from the track, especially if the weather is less than ideal. Then there’s the issue of tires to think about: if...

  • 2011 Ariel Atom Mugen limited edition
    Ariel Celebrates Atom 10th Anniversary With Mugen Special Edition

    It’s hard to believe that the Ariel Atom has been around for 10 years, but it has, and in honor of reaching that milestone Ariel has partnered with Mugen to develop a special edition of its stripped-out roadster. Only 10 of the new roadsters will be built, each powered by an uprated version...

  • Ariel Atom 3
    V-8 Powered Ariel Atom Nears Production

    You have to hand to the Brits. Only they could build a lightweight roadster like the Ariel Atom, shoehorn a thumping V-8 engine into its fully open chassis, and then call it road legal. That’s exactly what British sports car manufacturer Ariel plans to do, revealing that its V-8 powered roadster...

  • Ariel Atom 3
    New Ariel Atom 3 Starts From $49,980

    The stripped-down road-legal racer gets a new entry-level price.

  • The Wrightspeed X1 prototype
    Wrightspeed Cancels The X1 Electric Sports Car

    Detroit's carmakers aren't the only ones that need some help in the down market. Smaller manufacturers, especially startup and mid-sized electric vehicle companies, are in tight spots as well. Tesla is in need of a cash infusion to build its Model S sedan, and now Wrightspeed, the company behind...

  • Ariel adds a windscreen to the Atom

    The skeleton-framed two-seat open-top rocket ship that is the Ariel Atom has gained notoriety not just for its commanding performance and unique styling, but also for it's face-stretching capabilities. Outfitted with no wind-deflecting device whatsoever, the Ariel Atom is best driven at high speed with a helmet on - until now. The company is finally offering a windscreen attachment. Built in response to customer demand, the windscreen attaches and detaches from the car relatively easily, with just 5 attachment points and a quick-release electrical connector. The system also has a...

  • Ariel launches new Atom 3
    Ariel Launches New Atom 3

    The Ariel Atom is essentially a highly-strung engine bolted to a metal frame with a pair of seats and four wheels attached. There’s no roof, windows or significant safety features but what you get in return is an amazing power-to-weight ratio and an acceleration time for the 0-60mph of just...

  • Wrightspeed X1 - the electric Ariel Atom
    Wrightspeed X1: The Electric Ariel Atom

    We've come across news of the Wrightspeed X1, essentially a fully electric Ariel Atom that can put most supercars to shame. The lightweight roadster uses a 3-phase AC induction motor with 236hp. One of our favorite characteristics of electric cars is that they have 100% torque (182 ft. lbs)...

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