The Ariel Atom is essentially a highly-strung engine bolted to a metal frame with a pair of seats and four wheels attached. There’s no roof, windows or significant safety features but what you get in return is an amazing power-to-weight ratio and an acceleration time for the 0-60mph of just three seconds. The Atom has proved so popular that the Ariel Motor Company has launched a third generation model, appropriately dubbed the Atom 3.

Changes to the new model are minimal and consist of diagonal side rails in the chassis and a twin exhaust outlet up back. Most of the roadster’s panels have been revised, and there’s also an optional wind deflector available that will reduce pressure on the driver’s head. The seating position has also been lowered, improving both the car’s center of gravity and comfort levels.

A brand new chassis features an extra 60mm of width but the track and wheelbase of the Atom 3 remains the same as its predecessors. The range is still powered by the familiar 2.0L iVTEC Type R and gets new Bilstein ten-way adjustable dampers as part of a upgraded suspension package. Output from the supercharged version of the 2.0L engine remains at 300hp so we suspect top speed will still be around the 150 mph mark.


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